Using Your Intuition

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"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." -Nelson Mandela, Inaugural Speech, 1994

Intuition is divine guidance. Sometimes it is known as a "hunch." Whatever you choose is call it, intuition is a mighty powerful lead that directs you to take immediate action. Do you follow your intuition or do you allow doubt and reason to step in?

A sudden lead or intuition comes to you in a quick moment. When it feels right and works, you must give in to it. And in order for it to benefit you, it must be nurtured, practiced, and demonstrated. This happens when you act on your inner voice, that unexplained thought, or when you make a decision that turns out to be exactly the answer you were looking for.

It is the same as when you get a spiritual revelation to help someone in need with either your time or money. This too, is a demonstration of your intuition in action. That good deed will be returned to you in multiple ways. It works in your business life as well as your personal life. How many successful people do you know who started out with just an idea or thought that came to them unexpectedly? How about McDonald's? Wendy's, the World Wide Web? Most ideas are based on intuition.

Sometimes your intuition or your "hunches" are unexplainable. When that happens, it is God's way of guiding you to take a step in a different direction, or to trust His lead. It always turns out to be a perfect idea.

How many times have you ever gotten a strong urge to obey a certain thought? Did it come at an unexpected time? Did you act on it? Did you get an unexpected surprise? On many occasions my intuition has led me to an unexpected surprise.

While taking a walk on my lunch hour, I can walk in several different directions, either when leaving or returning to my office. In deciding which street to turn on I usually follow my intuition. And in doing so, I often run into someone I hadn't seen for months; or someone I'd lost contact with, or someone I used to work with and the re-acquainting moments and emotions are always so precious.

Later, in thinking back, I might wonder at how I might have missed the opportunity if I hadn't followed my intuition and hadn't walked in the direction that I was guided to go. If I hadn't followed my inner voice, those precious moments of a chance meeting would never have happened.

So, never question your intuition. It is unexplainable, mysterious, and many times it is divine law in action. Give thanks for your intuition. Whenever you follow your divine leads or your inner guidance, you are blessed with receiving an unexpected surprise. Though, to follow your inner voice, it often takes an act of faith .

However, when you are indecisive and not sure which way to go, try to be at peace with your choice - whether good or bad. Since all effort is an act of faith, nothing will be lost even if you make a wrong decision or miss a big opportunity. Learn to forgive yourself and remember: "if one door closes, another one soon opens." This is God's way of showing you that your life is a part of His perfect plan.

Trust your intuition. Trust your "hunches." Trust your inner voices or urges They are all blessings for you to use to their fullest. Trust your small decisions as well as the major ones. Trust your business decisions as well as the ones that affect your personal life. Everything that happens to you, happens for a reason. And remember, intuition is a powerful force that must not be resisted to work. It gives God a chance to give your life His perfect pleasure.

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