How to Treat Mesothelioma from Asbestos Exposure

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There are many forms of treatment for Mesothelioma. Their effectiveness is on a cases by case basis. Here are five possible treatments that have been used:

1) Surgery - this is where the cancerous tissue is cut out. In extreme cases where the cancer has spread to the lungs, a lung may be removed.

2) Gene therapy (still in clinical trials) - this is where a "suicide gene" is inserted into the cancer making those cells susceptible to drugs that can be used to kill the malignant cells, leaving the healthy ones behind.

3) Radiation Therapy - high energy x-rays are directed at the cancer cells to kill these cells and/or shrink the tumors.

4) Chemotherapy - drugs are placed directly into the bloodstream through pills or injection. In Mesothelioma cases these drugs can be injected into the chest cavity.

5) Intraoperative Photodynamic therapy - uses drugs and light therapy is used during surgery.The patient is injected with drugs 3 days before surgery. These drugs make them sensetive to light. A special light is shined on the cancer cells during surgery.

Speak to your doctor about the risks involved with each procedure and which would be appropriate for your individual case.

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