Lung Cancer Discoveries

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There is a new way to treat lung cancer with four-dimensional protons. Sounds way out and kind of science fiction like, but there is some validity to the theory and on-going research. The 4D Proton treatment is different than that of the x-rays traditionally used in radiation type therapies. Protons can potentially obliterate lung tumors without damaging as much localized healthy tissue. There is currently lots of discussion of putting this new technology to work and it has been brought up at the American Association of Physicists in Medicine meeting in Seattle.

In fact a small study was already done on four patients using protons to treat lung cancer. X-ray cancer therapies use multiple beams, which also go thru non-cancerous tissue harming the lungs and tissue as they exit. The positively charged subatomic protons only move a small distance thru the body. Right now it is a bit hard to control the Protons trajectories, however the science is a viable option in the future with further research. By using a 4D methodology they can deal with the expanding and contracting of the lung during the process similar to the approach used in the X-ray version of the treatment.

This treatment is not yet available but should be within a year or two, with clinical trials moving forward. The four patients who were tested on were at the Massachusetts General Hospital saw significant results in all cases. Now an algorithm needs to be develop which can guestimate the trajectory of the protons to be displayed during the operation so that the treatment is fired accurately. It is assumed that this can be done soon and it will be great to have a better process available to beat lung cancer. We are progressing well medically as a nation. Think on this.

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