5 Tips For Creating Great Jobs

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1) Create A Powerful "Mission Statement"-

When your business mission is clear, every part of your business will improve, because you have a clear, definite major purpose. You will more easily attract people that believe in your mission. No one wants a menial job. Everyone wants a meaning-full job.

2) Make a Commitment To Marketing With Excellence-

When you market with excellence, you will create more business. This revenue will help you create cash flow to good paying jobs. Maximizing your customer relationships through marketing is the heart and soul of ANY success oriented business. Very few business owners optimize their marketing. The first step is being OPEN to the idea that you can do better. Help IS available.

3) Recognize Employees For What They Are... Your Support Structure On The Journey Of Wealth Creation-

There is no such thing as a self-made millionaire. The only millionaires I know are team made millionaires. Don't just "understand" this point. "Demonstrate Understanding" to your staff. Say thank you EVERY time you hand them a paycheck.

4) Demonstrate Kindness and Humility-

In life, no one is "superior" to another. We are all equal in the game of life. The purpose of a job is to create more life. Quit the control games, and humanize the job. Be flexible, as opposed to being rigid, when an employee asks you a favor, like taking some time off for personal business.

5) Reward Your Employees FREQUENTLY-

I have discovered that there is one thing more important than money. Appreciation. Of course, the best way you can demonstrate your appreciation is by the way you compensate your employees. Let go of your greed. Demonstrate your generosity.

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