Improving Patient Sensitivity in Doctors and Hospital Staff

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A South Florida hospital. The CEO of the hospital saw the need to provide exceptional customer service to differentiate itself from the competition and avoid being acquired.


The hospital was undergoing a series of changes involving personnel, organizational alignment and even an expansion of the property which caused disruption to the entire staff. The attitude of many of the hospital personnel was focusing on the negative aspects of the changes and reflected on reduced sensitivity towards the patients. Some ratings from the Joint Commission were below average and the public opinion about the hospital was poor.


Management Resources Inc. (MRI):

Developed a program to meet the hospital's needs based on the input from the CEO, the Assistant VP of Planning and one Department Director Different programs were developed for different levels in the organization: an executive program for doctors and administration a program for the staff a program for entry level personnel.

The entry level program included customized excerpts of MRI's programs in:

Customer Service
Service Recovery
Change Management
Telephone Etiquette
Team Building
Personal Change

This program is delivered in Spanish and occasionally in English The program was administered to all personnel.


Personnel who have attended the program show excellent results. Their attitudes show considerable improvement. The Joint Commission ratings improved considerably. The hospital is among the top ten Hispanic businesses and one of eleven (11) hospitals who are still independently owned in Florida.

Managing Partner, Management Resources Inc

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