Curing Lou Gehrigs Disease

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ALS is the disease that took the life of the famed baseball player. The disease benched Lou Gehrig from the game that he loved and later took his life. Now, ALS is referred to as the Lou Gehrig's disease. Today more than fifty years later there still is no cure for ALS. ALS is a motor neuron disease. ALS stands for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The disease attacks nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. It attacks a persons muscles one at a time. Not unlike being tortured. Sadly there is no cure and no viable treatment.

I am Gerald Armstrong, the owner of Gen Cells Cures. Our goal is to stamp out disease and aging . We do private research for the individual. I have been contacted by a lady to try to look for a cure for this deadly killer for her suffering and dying husband. Nothing would give me more satisfaction and pleasure. Unfortunately, I lost most of my biotech's start- up money in an offshore bank scandel and devaluation of currency.

Of all the diseases that mankind is facing I believe ALS is one of the most cruel. I also believe it can be one of the first to be cured with stem cells?The cure could come simply by adding stem cells to grow new brain or nerve cells. We can do this by adding embryonic or adult stem cells to the brain. Which ever works best?The only thing we are lacking are my 16 hand picked scientists to do the research and ultimately to find the cure. I am not looking for one penny for me. I challenge any one out there with the ways and means to help pay the scientists salaries and the lab expenses and we'll show you a cure for Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Gerald is the owner of Gen Cells Cures-

Visit his group for information on cures for incurable diseases and aging.

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Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Gerald Armstrong the owner of Gen Cells Cures a biotech dedicated to curing incurable diseases and aging. Introducing to the world, the miracle of private, personalized medical research for the individual. I am passionate about molecular biology and what we can do with science to find ugently needed cures for those people suffering from aging and incurable diseases.

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