First Responder Human Hibernation Units

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In the next few years paramedics, first responders and military medics will have instant hibernation devices. These devices will come in small canisters of the gas to slow the body down after replacing lost blood and/or stopping bleeding. The replacement blood will be synthetic and coagulate faster to seal the wounds and once this happens the victim of the injury will be given hibernation gas. This gas will put the person in temporary suspended animation. When multiple victims are around each person will be administered the hibernation gas as the available first responders work thru the victims in order of most injured and serious first.

The gas used may be hydrogen sulfide, which in high concentrations can be a deadly toxin, but in the proper ratio will merely cause induced hibernation. Mark Roth and a team of medical researchers have proved concept by putting mice into hibernation similar to bears. Their mammalian bodies were slowed by 90% and the possibilities for this method for saving people are truly endless.

Imagine the benefits to the saving of lives in automobile accidents, train wrecks, bus crashes or airliners running off the end of a runway in a ball of fire? Imagine in a severe Hurricane, Earthquake or other natural disaster? This is a super break thru in medical research and must receive full funding for all applications and problems it might solve in the future on our elliptical traveling pale blue dot.

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