Lunesta Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

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Lunesta is a newly released sleeping pill. Marketed as a revolutionary sleep aid, Lunesta is the only medication approved by the FDA for long term treatment of insomnia symptoms. Although Lunesta is a quality medicine that has already helped many people cure their insomnia symptoms and get a better night's sleep, there is something you should know before your buy Lunesta. This information below affects you if you're currently pregnant, breastfeeding, or are planning to become pregnant.

If you're pregnant, it may be alright for you to take Lunesta prescriptions until around the last few weeks before birth. Why? During those last few weeks, your unborn baby may take in some of the Lunesta that is present in your body after you take your dose. The effects of this are unknown, so it's best to just play it safe. Talk to your doctor before starting Lunesta if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant.

Lunesta is excreted in small amounts through breastmilk, so please do not take Lunesta while you are still breastfeeding your baby. We cannot emphasize this enough. The effects of taking Lunesta while breastfeeding your baby are not known, but in many cases with other prescription medications, women who breastfed their babies while using the drugs noticed growth defects or health problems in their children later on. The bottom line is that these drugs, including Lunesta, are designed for adult use only, and it's best not to expose your baby to the medication.

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