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"It's a chemical imbalance." I've heard those words so many times in the last decade, it's becoming routine for Doctors to blame everything on it.

Have you been listening to the News, the talk shows, the media, and other people lately. It's pathetic. I am not a doctor, or scientist of any kind. I am just an ordinary man just listening. I guess that would make me a shrink, right? Nope, I not that either.

Now, I grew up in a house where mother took prescription drugs by the handfuls. She had 3 doctors, 2 or 3 pharmacist, and naturally she smoked 3 packs of cigarettes per day.

Some doctors gave her uppers while some gave her downers. Some gave her "in-between-ers". No, that was a joke. She took diet pills and she took blood pressure pills. She had asthma and bronchitis. If you read any of my stories in the past, you know the doctor told her that she needed to start smoking to build her lung up since one of them was taken out. I don't need to go into that here.

You wonder where I am going. It appears that every doctor around is selling mind altering drugs. I want a full explanation to what "Chemical Imbalance" is. If it's a vitamin deficiency then shouldn't we give the person a banana instead of a liver killing pill?

I was diagnosed as having arthritis in the lower back. I told the doctor, lets cure it. He said, there is no cure. We can treat it. But you may as well get used to it.

Bull S___. I'm not going to get used to it. Treat it! What he means is, you can pay me every month and become a permanent customer. No way. The only way that'll happen is if I bow down to that crap.

Guess what happened next? I showed signs of depression. Now why on earth would I be depressed. All this time I thought I was out of shape and now I find out that I have some sort of incurable disease! Should that make me happy? Of course not. I bet you know what the doctor did. You got it.

He started writing a prescription for depression. I'm wondering about the arthritis and he writing a prescription for my head. Something is totally wrong here.

I have a little experience with this mind altering crap. Most likely, I am wrong according to all the pen writing legal drug dealers. You must keep in mind throughout this whole story that this is just my opinion. "Nothing more!" I have no intentions to sway any person away from the advice of their doctors. It's not my fault they still need practice.

My kid Lewis was 7 years old and started 2nd grade. Boy was he happy. He was like a wild horse. The teacher couldn't get him to pay attention to her in class so instead of letting him go out and burn that energy up, she punishes him by making him sit in the room while everyone else goes out and plays. Later, she convinces my part time wife that my son Lewis belongs on ridlin. The once happy boy turned into a Zombie. That was 17 years ago. He's also been in jail since the age of 15. I wonder if turning him onto drugs at an early age did anything to him.

Shoot, no wonder our kids are fatter than we want them to be. We are not happy when they are running so we shoot em full of drugs to slow them down. Why not run them. More exercise would have done Lewis better than sitting him in a corner.

Oh yeah, I know, those doctors have been trained. Trained at what? To collect money, keep your kids sick so that they have a never ending supply of patients. In my opinion, the doctors have too many patients. Half the time, you sit out in the waiting room for an hour after your appointment and then they call you to wait another 30 minutes in a closed room.

Yes, I do believe there is a cure for cancer, arthritis, colds, and other things. I just don't believe they are through using the term PRACTICE here in the US. Now don't get me wrong. I am an American and proud of it. I just ain't to proud of our government right now. Maybe I should be attacking the FDA or whatever they call their selves.

Is it all about the money? Is everything about Lies?

I read somewhere that we are living longer now than we did a hundred years ago. If this is true, are we feeling better or are we living longer with PAIN? I don't know about you but it seems like every time you turn around someone tells you they are bi-polar. Geesh!

Who knows, I may be bi-polar too according to the definition. However it fits my marriage better. My marriage has been bi-polar for years. I may have even had ADD or whatever. I remember going to a superman movie and dreaming that I was superman and I could not pay attention in class. To be quite honest, I don't pay much attention now. It's called being bored.

With what I have learned, some doctors call it a chemical imbalance while others call it a vitamin deficiency. Maybe they are not the same. Maybe they are.

Copyright 2005 Randy Stafford

Randall Stafford has been working writing articles since January 2004 and has been online since 1994. His web site can be seen at

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