Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) is a severe and deadly allergic reaction to certain drugs, some proscription and some over the counter, which causes the severe burning of skin and mucosal membranes from the inside out. 15% of people who develop Stevens Johnson Syndrome will die as a direct result. Many drugs which have been known to cause SJS do not have warning labels notifying users about the very real danger of Stevens Johnson Syndrome. If you or a loved one has SJS, a Stevens Johnson Syndrome lawyer can help you receive financial compensation.

Attorneys that handle personal injury claims, including catastrophic and permanent injuries or wrongful death from medical malpractice and/or product liability can help you file an individual suit or a class action suit against the company responsible for your SJS. Experienced lawyers who have been to trial against these companies before can use their previous experience in the courtroom to make sure that you win your suit and get you the largest settlement possible.

Pfizer and other major drug companies can be held responsible for your suffering and taken to trial. You should be compensated for medical expenses and emotional pain. Find an experienced lawyer specific to SJS cases, or specific drug cases as soon as possible and get back what is owed to you.

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