A Guide to Selecting a Mortgage Broker in Australia

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Once you have made the decision to buy a home you will need to obtain mortgage financing for your purchase. Until about fifteen years ago buyers had to go directly to banks to obtain loans and shopping around for the right fit was a long process. Mortgage Brokers are experts in home loans who will consider your financial situation and financing requirements and then shop around for various lenders to find the best possible deal on financing for your purchase.

Because mortgage brokers understand the loan process and the criteria used by lending institutions in evaluating borrowers they are able to make sure your loan application is completed correctly the first time resulting in a much smoother process. This can ultimately lead to faster approval. In addition they have access to hundreds of loan products with many different lenders resulting in the flexibility to find the best possible loan and interest rates for your situation.

It is no wonder mortgage brokers now write about 30% of all mortgages in Australia. Your mortgage broker will not only find you the best rates and programs based on your needs, they will also help you understand the process, and if necessary negotiate on your behalf if you have less than perfect credit.

It is recommended that you shop around for a mortgage broker that you feel comfortable with. You can often complete a small questionnaire online and someone from the mortgage broker will contact you to discuss what they have to offer. Be sure to apply to multiple mortgage brokers online and don't be afraid to ask questions including how they get paid and what their fees are for particular loan products.

It is important to choose a mortgage broker that is a member of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia (MIAA) or the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) because they have certain professional standards they must adhere to.

There is much more to choosing a mortgage broker than finding the one which quotes the lowest interest rates. You may find that one has the lowest interest rates but is charging too much in hidden fees. It is important that you shop around and choose a broker with a good reputation. Your professional real estate agent can be an excellent source for obtaining names of potential mortgage brokers. Also, try asking friends, family or co workers who they recommend. Everyone feels better doing business with companies who are recommended by people they trust.

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