Home Loan Confusion Continues

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Unfortunately, most Americans still do not understand how home loans work and how to take advantage of the wide array of programs available. The way I see it, people are still confused about mortgages in general and real estate finance, in particular.

Just last week, a friend of mine told me he was buying a house. He was pre-approved for a loan, he said, and I was very happy for him. You see, he is young, just 25, and he is embarking on the American Dream of home ownership. So, I asked him about the type of mortgage he was getting. He said, "I don't know. I was just approved, and I haven't even signed any papers, yet."

He did have the house picked out, though. Although it is all too typical of a response, I found myself still surprised that my friend didn't know anything about the loan he was being pre-approved for. As another acquaintance recently pointed out, the right loan program can make hundreds of dollars of difference in your monthly payment. This person will save $6,048 this year using an adjustable rate mortgage over that pesky fixed rate that so many people desire.

For some reason, home loan confusion continues to run rampant in America. Most likely because the average American is ignorant of how mortgages work. This is not an attack on American's intelligence. It's okay to be ignorant; it is not, however, okay to remain that way, when you know you are entering a complex financial transaction.

Avoid this problem. Educate yourself. Learn all you need to know about real estate finance with the wealth-building system, Winning the Mortgage Game.

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