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When choosing the right mortgage company for your home purchase or refinancing, there are a few things to consider.

What is this lenders reputation? Does this lender have a proven track record in the community and can they offer you not only the lowest interest rates available, but design a program to fit your needs and counsel you about your home purchase.

Is this lender a licensed lender that handles Conventional conforming, VA guaranteed home loans, FHA loans and non-conforming home loans? Choose a lender that can offer you a program that meets your needs, not theirs!

Will the lender advise you on what price range you can afford? A common mistake that homebuyers make is buying too much or too little. Choose a mortgage program that allows you to feel comfortable with your decision to buy a home.

Does the lender offer fixed rate and variable rate mortgage options, and will they advise you of which scenario fits your needs?

Will this lender help you select a real estate company and partner you up with an agent that will work with the lender in your best interest?

Take your time! Contact the lender before you begin your home search. Choose a lender that you feel comfortable with. Check their companies website out online. Set your self up for a good experience, not a bad one! Contact us by visiting our website at

Glenn Keller is an associate of Affordable Home Funding in Kingsland, Georgia. Glenn has many years of experience in FHA, VA and connventional mortgage home loans. The majority of Glenn's experience is in VA guaranteed mortgages, as the real estate market is mainly military home buyers. The author of this article is expressing an opinion. Visit my website at

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