Mortgage Information for the First Time Homebuyer

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Inflation in the United States is increasing rapidly and home prices are soaring! There are millions of american families that are unaware of the many mortgage programs that are available for first time homebuyers.

There are many types of mortgage finance programs available to first time homebuyers. I will discuss a few of them. VA Guaranteed mortgages provide 100% financing for veterans that are active or non active duty with the United States armed forces. Even though there are closing costs associated with this type of mortgage, through a properly written sales contract, the closing costs can be paid by the seller of the property.

FHA Mortgage: FHA mortgages are available to qualified applicants with little or no credit history, as well as applicants that might have a few blemishes on their credit history. FHA mortgages provide 97% financing. In many cases, gift funds can be used by the borrower(s) to avoid having to make a down payment.

Conventional Mortgage: There are numerous conventional mortgage programs available. There are many that provide home buyers with 100% of the funds they need to buy a home. There are programs available for borrower(s) with all types of credit ratings. There are programs for W2 wage earners and self-employed borrowers. There are even programs for borrowers who have suffered through past credit woes and wish to get their life back track and a home for their families.

Be careful when choosing a mortgage company. Interview the loan officer and research the company to be sure that you have chosen a reputable company that will work in your families best interest. Ask your loan officer about fees for his services and reuest that they provide you with a Good Faith Estimate of settlement charges.

Buying and owning real estate is a way to build wealth and hep keep up with escalating home prices. Be smart! Research the market that you plan to buy a home in. Select a lender that you feel comfortable with and let him or her help you select a realtor that will represent your best needs. Visit our website at

Glenn Keller is associated with Affordable Home Funding of whom is a multi-state mortgage company. Glenn has a numerous amount of years experience in Conventional, FHA and VA lending. Affordable Home Funding has locations throughout Georgia. Glenn is located at 1204 Hospitality Ave., Suite E in Kingsland Georgia. Visit my website at The content of this article is based on the knowledge and experience of its author.

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