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Today's sluggish economy has left millions of people struggling to financially make ends meet. Lou Dobb's coined phrase "Assault on the Middle Class" continues. Virtually every corner you turn screams inflation and rising expenses. The sky-high cost of fuel and other commodities is ultimately passed to us weary consumers. Salaries once adequate for providing comfortable family living are now stretched to the limits, leaving many people in search of additional income sources to help bridge the gap.


If you look at major expenses in the average person's life, it's easy to identify mortgage or rent obligations at the top of the list. Home ownership is one of the biggest living expenses and frequently the hardest to obtain.

According to the the Federal Housing Finance Board, and data analyzed from over 23,000 home loans from over 75 lenders, the U.S. national average purchase price for a single-family home reached $264,540 in October 2004. This average is up from the $243,756 average for October 2003.

A $260,000 home loan financed at 6% interest will cost the consumer an estimated whopping $301,179.29 in interest over the course of 30 years. Shorten this loan to 15 years and the home owner will be paying an estimated $2,200.00 per month with approximately $135,000 going to interest. These figures do not include taxes and insurance estimates so the actual costs are even higher.

With figures like this it's no wonder people are working their butts off just to have a roof over their heads to protect their family and loved ones. Day after day they continue the grind: up early, work hard, stretch the budget, work, work, work, and work some more. Then along comes payday and... YIKES! Lots - if not most of that hard earned money needs to be set aside for the dreaded mortgage payment. If only there was an easier way!


Lots of people dream of increasing their wealth and the ability to pay off their homes and live mortgage free. Now, more than ever, people are turning to network marketing opportunities to reach these goals.

For some the dreams of financial stability turn to reality but for many others it remains just a dream. Financial freedom doesn't come from osmosis or wishing, you have to get out there and FIND IT! A current search on Google for 'home business opportunities' produces about 125,000,000 entries. Do all these entries provide income combined with an innovative mortgage reduction solution? Absolutely not!

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