This Secret Weapon Will Eanble You To Close Up To 200% more Home Remodel Sales

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Many Homeowners are not aware of all the options that are available to them when it comes to Home Loans. As a Home Remodeling Specialist you have a very powerful sales tool that most of your competitors don't even know exists. By using this Sales tool you can overcame the one Major purchase objection and Close up to 200% More Sales.

One of the biggest objections you will get from your customers when you try top sell them that Remodel, wether it be a Kitchen Remodel, A Room Addition, A Deck, a Fence, A Pool or a Hot tub is I can't afford it. I would love to do it but I just can't afford it. Some Sales Trainers will tell to reply with something like, Lets suppose that you could afford it would you buy that New Room Addition, Kitchen Re-Model, New roof etc.? Most would say sure But I just can't afford it.

The Trial Close
Now You have them. You reply to them if I could show you a way to get that Remodel that you really want, put some cash in your pocket with the same or lower monthly payments would you be interested?

The Close
Most homeowners will say how are you going to do that because you have now peaked their interest. You reply If I can Do it will you buy that remodel? They would reply sure I'd buy it but what is it.

You then Say I work with some special lenders and we find that we can often refinance your house get you a lower monthly payment and and enough cash to pay for this addition lets get you quailified for this program right now.

The Loan
Many Homeowners have fixed rate mortgages with an interest rate of 5% or more. A Monthly payment on a $200,000 Loan at 5% is about $1200. A Monthly payment on a $250,000 loan with an Interest rate of 1.95% is about $920. The Monthly Payment on a $300,000 Loan at $1.95% is about $1,100 a Month still saving the Home Owner about $100 Monthly. A Monthly Payment of $1200 with an Interest Rate of %1.95 would get the Homeowner a loan of over $325,000.

There are many National Lenders offering Adjustable Rate Loans with the Payment fixed for 5 Years with an Interest rates as Low as 1.95%. There are actually loans out there with interest rates as low as 1.25%. Some of these lenders will even aprove the loan online via the internet.

How Many more Remodels can you sell now with the Power of Adjustable Rate Mortgage Closing Tool.

Mike Makler is a Financial Consultant in the St Louis Missouri Area Specializing in Real Estate Loans and Annuites. To Learn More Call Mike at 314 398-5547 or Visit Mike's Web Page

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