Grit or Grace?

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The grit of life is hard to swallow. You make a presentation at the office and someone points out a small mistake. The traffic was terrible that morning and you were late to an important appointment. You rehearsed exactly what you wanted to say to your boss, but when the time came the mind went blank.

In each situation what was your internal response? Self blame? shame? fear? Each instance of self-judgment is hard to stomach and quickly creates added stress. What is your gut response to the following common limiting beliefs?

Five Self-blaming Beliefs:

1. I deserve to be punished.

2. I look like a fool.

3. I am not safe.

4. I'll be abandoned or rejected.

5. I am powerless.

Take a few minutes and trace any tightness back to its origination. Now, rewrite a new, self-empowering belief; take a nice deep breath and repeat the belief several times. Here are a few examples of shifting from shame/blame to acceptance and support.

1. I learn from my mistakes and grow in patience and understanding.

2. I see my foolishness with the eyes of compassion and kindness.

3. I am safe and secure in my ability to love and accept all parts of me.

4. I am loyal friend and ally to myself.

5. I empower my weaknesses with the strength of my loving heart.

Patience, compassion, acceptance and self-love settles the mind and expands the heart. Full of grace the body relaxes and peace is present.

Grace is the balm of the soul. Choosing to live under grace rather than grit creates an abundance of simple blessings.

Ten Blessings of Grace:

1. I know that all experiences are growth promoting.

2. I find empowerment in expansion.

3. I experience acceptance in being honest.

4. I uncover purpose through loving.

5. I increase my compassion for others each time I come home to myself.

6. I realize I am here to prosper.

7. I discover rewards in every moment of opening my heart.

8. I am assisted in times of challenge.

9. I receive in great measure while attending to my purpose.

10. I live in joy while seeking the divine within.

Challenge yourself to live one week with the blessings of grace. Note any changes in your attitude and over-all anxiety. Pay attention to any surprise glimpses of joy. Watch the tiny shifts in your behavior ripple out and touch your work environment and home life. Challenge yourself to one more week of grace, and reap the bounty of your loving choice.

Rebecca Skeele, Author, Life Coach and Professional Speaker has been working with individuals since 1990. Her approach for doing well in life is living well--from the inside out. Her book, You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving is a manual for cocreators envisioning and living their personal heaven on earth. Rebecca is an ordained minister and holds a Masters in Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Science.

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