The Undeniable Power of a Mastermind Group

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A Mastermind is a group of individuals who are joined in purpose. All bringing their collective talents and experiences to the achievement of a common goal.

When people join together in a combined effort an extraordinary thing happens. A new mind is formed. It is not the mind of one of the team members, it is a mind that exists only as a result of all members coming together, an additional mind, a group mind...

A Mastermind.

The Mastermind is greater than the sum of the minds of the individuals in the group and from its efforts great things can be accomplished. Each member contributing to the Mastermind can receive benefit far greater than could otherwise be generated from the same efforts if working by themselves.

Nearly every great achievement or massive fortune in history has been the product of a team of minds united in achieving the same goal. The American Declaration of Independence was the result of a Mastermind, so was man's first powered flight and the first man into space and eventually to the moon.

Spend time on the Internet and you will begin to notice that many of the very successful marketers work in a group of 2 more and many of the most successful products are the fruit of a mastermind group. This is becoming such a universal idea (first made popular by Napoleon Hill) that occasionally you will read an invitation to partake in a marketing group or program worded as an invitation to join a mastermind group., originally created by Matt Gill and Kevin Wilke is an excellent example of a mastermind group in action. I have watched as these guys have grown and continue to grow their Internet marketing empire to one of the most profitable and innovative online today. They embrace the mastermind principle to the point of actively creating programs that bring new talent into their group.

Joint ventures are probably the most common kind of online mastermind group where an arrangement is made between 2 or more parties for mutual benefit. For instance, I may have a product that would be of use to the people in your mailing list. We put our minds together and come up with a way that I can send my offer out to your list and we both make some money or receive other benefits as a result.

In all walks of life and any endeavor the Mastermind is a formidable force. If you have the opportunity, associate yourself with like minded individuals and great things will be made possible.

Written by Murray Hughes

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