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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home Party Hostess

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One of the most important things to remember to have a successful home party is to make sure your Hostess is prepared. Well preparedness of your hostess is essential in having your home party run smoothly. The following tips will help your next home party be a success:

1. Before your home party be sure to meet with the hostess personally. Make sure she is familiar with the products that you carry. Help your hostess come up with a guest list. Remind her of people she could invite such as friends, family co-workers, neighbors and many other places. Tell her to remind guests to bring a friend.

2. Be sure to also give your hostess some catalogs to show possible guests or maybe guests that aren't available for the time of the party. Make her aware of whether or not she may take orders before the show. Review your hostess rewards program with her. Be sure to review the order forms with your hostess so she can help customers place orders.

3. Explain the delivery process. Will the merchandise come directly to her or will you be bringing it to her? Will you be distributing the merchandise to her guest or will she? What are the delivery charges and who pays for them?

4. Discuss plans for refreshments. Is she expected prepare refreshments or will you be bringing them? What are you going to have?

5. Arrive at your hostess's home early before the show. Does furniture need to be moved? Make sure there is enough and proper seating so that each guest will be facing the center of the display. Also be sure there is enough lighting for everyone to see.

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