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Business Tips from The Incredibles

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Today I sat down and watched "The Incredibles" with my two boys. My mind is never idle, so I thought I would share a few thoughts, and tips I learned about Network Marketing from this movie.

1. Mr. Incredible would always relive his old glory days. He would often say "My best days are behind me". He even had paper cut outs of articles about him hanging on the wall, and he would try on his old uniform. I have had friends like that. We will go over to their house for Barbecues, and they will spend all night talking about their old High School Football days, or when they were in the army. This is what I like to call the "Al Bundy Syndrome." Spending time reminiscing about your past, and never believing that you can have those old days back. Well, as we all know we can have that back with success in this business. We can build a team, and be a leader and have the fun and success we had in our Glory Days. That is one of the great things that this business offers......and a whole bunch of money to boot.

2. You need to use your strengths- The Different characters in the movie all have different powers. Dash runs fast, Elasta-girl can stretch into any shape. They all use their strengths, but Mr. Incredible doesn't try to use the powers of one of the other characters. In this business often times we stray away from what we are good at, and try to be someone we are not. It is not until you find what you are good at and mold your style to your strengths, that you will find massive success.

3. Heart over Technology- The villain in this movie didn't have any real powers, but had invented tools for him to fly, and many other various strengths. He was a very cold, calculated man who didn't have any real friends, and only a passion for revenge. The Incredibles on the other hand, had a never ending love for each other that grew stronger as the movie ended. Now I'm not saying that technology is a bad thing, lord knows I 'm thankful and far better off for all the wonderful tools that I use to build this business. What I'm saying is that we need to use these tools, but never leave behind the most powerful tool we have...our heart. It goes back to the old saying "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care". Show your folks you care about them, their future, and that you are there to help them achieve their goals and dreams.

4. Keep your priorities straight- In one scene Frozone (One of the Incredibles Friends) is running out of the house to help save the world. He is running frantic looking for his uniform. His wife says "Why do you need your uniform, we have been planning this dinner for months" Frozone responds "But honey it is for the greater good" She replies "I'm your wife...I'm the greater good." Often times we get caught up in building our business focusing on how we can help other people, and we loose site of our # 1 priority..our family. Make time to spend with your spouse and family. If you are running hard, I recommend putting time in your planner each day to make special moments with those that matter most.

5. It takes a team- This movie is an excellent example of what you can accomplish when you have a great team behind you. One on One they could not defeat their enemy, but as a team they were able to win. Embrace your team, and use each others strengths.

6. The battle is never over- At the end of the movie, after the battle was won..yet another villain made himself known. This is the same in our lives. Everyday we are faced with a battle of our minds, or we are faced with a problem. These problems will never go away, and they are just a part of life. When we face one Goliath, and win one battle-yet another one will come up. Remember problems are there to make us stronger. As entrepreneurs we will win and overcome, because we can handle and face bigger problems. Remember with great power comes great responsibility. Accept the challenges as a learning process, and as a means to make you strong. As leaders the more Goliath's we slay the more we can help our team slay their Goliath's.

In closing, go back to #4, and spend time with your kids watching this movie. It is an excellent way to make those special moments...

Shane Clevenger has been in Network Marketing for ten years, and has a current mission to help entreprenuers on their road to financial freedom. He is the president of and provides a service that allows business owners to stay in contact with their associates and clients, using the old school style of greeting cards and current technology. You can reach him at his blog at

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