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How To Buy MLM Leads

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You may wish to buy MLM leads from a reputable source when your business had out grown the standard friends and family network. There are hundreds of companies that want you to buy MLM leads from them. But how do you determine if the leads they provide are good leads? Here are some tips to help you decide whether a lead is good or questionable.

When you buy MLM leads ask the seller: How many times have you sold the same leads to other MLM marketers? Some companies will gain a listing of names and telephone numbers from another source and resell them to you. That means the offer you have to present them may have been presented to them several times before. Not only do you lose a sales but your host company loses integrity. Fresh MLM leads are the best ones; ones that are exclusive to you and never been used before.

To buy MLM leads from fraudulent sources is a dangerous thing to do as well. Some companies may obtain their names and telephone numbers by spamming e-mail addresses and other such illegal means. Unknowingly, you could be violating the law by using such leads. Also, sometimes people will sell you telephone numbers that have registered with the Do Not Call lists. Always ask if the MLM leads provided have been scrubbed against the Do Not Call list. Check out your source for your MLM leads in advance of purchasing.

Also, ask the seller from whom you plan to buy MLM leads from: How old are the leads? Some will try and sell you names and addresses that are months, perhaps years old. People move away in that long of a time period. Having fresh MLM leads will give you the best opportunity for a sale.

Buy MLM leads from reputable sources that either you or others have dealt with before. Within any large company, someone will be able to provide you information on MLM leads suppliers. Also, marketing advisors that you use in different aspects can suggest MLM lead providers that they know are legit.


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