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How To Succeed In Network Marketing (Part 2)

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So, you've found a company that you truly believe in. You've researched it and learned the business plan.

Now it's time to build your business.

This is the part of networking that many people have real trouble with...talking to others.


1)They don't fully understand and believe in the company

2)Fear of rejection

3)Fear of failure

That's why you must do your research first. That's why you must fully believe in the opportunity.

If you already know that you are doing somebody a favor by showing them the opportunity and you are confident that you fully understand it and can answer any questions that they throw at you, then:

  • you will not be afraid of rejection or failure
  • you are simply showing the opportunity and looking for the people that get it
  • you are weeding out the non-believers
  • you are searching for partners that have the same goal that you do
  • you are building a team that wants to succeed
  • you will not mind when somebody decides that they aren't interested...just thank them for looking and do not mention the business to them again, when they see your success they may still come back for info (nobody wants to be hassled after saying no)
    • Who should you show this to?

      You should show the opportunity to everyone that you can realistically contact, period.

      Remember, you've done the research and you believe in the opportunity. If you don't, you are just hoping to get lucky and you should not be bothering people.

      Don't pre judge people, let them all come and see for themselves. It's a numbers game. You are weeding out the people that don't get it.

      You are finding solid partners who will take the time to learn the business themselves and will believe in the opportunity just like you do. People like you who will make it happen, who will be happy to contact everyone they know. People who will not be discouraged when they get a few "no thank-yous".

      A trained, knowledgeable and motivated downline is a productive downline. You don't need or want the dead weight.

      How do you ask somebody to look at the opportunity?

      Simple. Tell the truth. There's no need to hide anything, no need for tricks.

      Tell them you have found a great new idea for a home based business that works. Tell them you have fully researched it, fully believe it is an opportunity that can make significant money, and that you have put your personal money where your mouth is by signing up.

      But most importantly, tell them that you are simply showing the opportunity and will not pressure them nor will you mind if they don't like's not for everyone. All you want is their opinion as a friend....and mean it!

      What if they will not look?

      That's fine. Don't bother them with the opportunity again, they are still your friends. It is also important to understand why some people react so negatively to a business opportunity.

      • they are afraid to make the commitment because they are afraid they may try and fail
      • they don't believe
      • they've been burned before by a less ethical sponsor or program
      • they are happy with their 9-5 job and really don't want a change
      • they feel you are pressuring them so you can make money off them
        • No hard feelings, let them know that you'll show them if they ever change their minds and leave it at that. Your business should never depend on any one person.

          In Review:

          Learn and research the opportunity

          Believe in the opportunity

          Show the opportunity

          This is not rocket science...make it happen!

          Be the first to understand the power of this new program!

          About The Author

          Kevin Thompson is a full time internet marketer and mlm leader.


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