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Is Network Marketing the Right Business for You?

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I have often wondered why people get involved in Network Marketing businesses only to jump from one business to another. For most people, the reason for having his or her own business is to allow themselves more flexibility to do the things that owning a business permits. Such as being your own boss, controlling the amount of income that you earn, being in charge of the daily running of the business and much, much more!

What I have seen though is people treating the Network Marketing business as they would a job. Jumping from one business to another if it doesn't meet the standards of what they feel it should in a very short period of time. As we all should know, owning a business is not something that will produce a monthly income of $5,000.00 in a 30 day period after opening. That isn't something that normally happens until you have been in business for a number of years!

So, why do people think that by joining a Network Marketing business that they are going to be making $5000.00 as soon as they join? Unfortunately, because of all of the hype out there in the Internet world that you can. This is not reality. It is called hyped up marketing. The real truth is that in order to become successful you must be willing to give yourself anywhere from one to five years to actually be earning a substantial amount!

Well, you ask, why don't people make it to the top of the Network Marketing business? Most of the time the reason is they quit too soon. You cannot join a Network Marketing business to make money fast or get rich quick. The reason to join is to help others become as successful as you are or you want to be. By helping others succeed, you in turn then succeed. Network Marketing is focused on residual income which is what you need in order to become financially secure and free. Residual income is what will allow you to take a year long vacation and come back with more money than when you left. Your income keeps coming in because of the efforts that you put into the business in the beginning.

You should never allow anyone or anything you read make you think that a Network Marketing business is easy. It isn't. You must be willing to build your business just as you would if you owned a bookstore, gas station or grocery store. The best way to do this is by teaching others how to build their business when they join with you. The earning income is limitless in this industry and the bottom line is that in order to be successful you must help people get the same things that you want. How many people can you help? How many lives can you change? It is one step and one person at a time. Over a period of years this can amount to a large group of people that you have helped succeed, who in turn helped you succeed.

The good thing about this industry is that it encourages people to dream big dreams and achieve their dreams! It is made up of people who support each other and encourage success. It is a business that will allow you unlimited freedom to pursue the income level you are looking to reach. You are the one that needs to decide what that is going to be. But, just as with any other business, you must be willing to put forth the work that it takes in order to succeed. You cannot join a business and then expect everyone to just walk in your door and join you in your venture. That does not happen in this day and age.

Network Marketing allows you to begin the journey to own your own business. You must be willing to help someone duplicate your success. The power of Network Marketing is when your business grows exponentially. One by one is how you must build your team! When times get a little tough and you get a little frustrated, that is when the power of your team comes in. They will be there to support you during periods of doubt, fear and frustration (and we all have them). There will be mentors who have already made the journey and are going to help you make the journey. It will be a place where you can set your own pace and work at a level that you are comfortable with. And it will be the place where you will be able to become a successful business owner!

Carolyn Shipp is a mother of two who makes her living on the internet and from working at home. She has a successful e-Bay business but enjoys working in Network Marketing. Each week she publishes an ezine that is geared towards people who are working to become successful online business owners:

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