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MLM: Powerlines vs. Downlines

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Take every program that doesn't include a powerline system and trash it! This may seem like a bold statement, but by the time you finish reading this article, you will understand why.

The Multi-level-marketing industry has exploded over the last couple of years. Billion dollar giants worldwide are getting in on the hype because they realize it will make their company more money. Internet users worldwide are also getting involved because of the endless opportunities to make some money as well.

In MLM, everybody wins!... that is, unless you're like most of us who get fed up with buying into promises that don't deliver results. The countless hours of advertising with nothing to show for it. The maxed out credit cards and empty bank accounts.

The #1 reason most people fail in MLM is because of the downline system. And here's why...

In most MLM's, you are required to build what's called a "downline", or rather promote the company and have people sign up under you. Only once people sign up will you qualify to earn commissions.

But therein lies the problem...

Most people don't have the ability to build even one downline on their own, let alone several. Even worse, if the program's compensation plan requires that multiple powerlines are built BEFORE you can achieve high-dollar status, the chance of financial success is even less likely.

Imagine with me for a moment...

Let's say that you want to open up a retail store downtown. Would you ever in your wildest dreams walk down town, pick a location, open for business, begin advertising and within a few days of the grand opening, go down and open up five more retail stores, one right next to the other on main street.

This is the equivilent of starting a downline in MLM. This is why the "downline" system rarely works, and why most affiliates in MLM fail to make money. Sad, isn't it?

Fortunately, theres another kind of system. Remember at the start of this article when I told you to trash any program that doesn't include a "Powerline" system? Well, this is the system that was BUILT for your success.

The beauty of a powerline is that you have the opportunity of earning commissions from ONE powerline -- those below you and those above you! You don't just earn money for your efforts, but also for the entire group efforts. When everyone works together in the powerline, everyone gets paid! As you can see, the profits can be maximized tremendously in a powerline!

Unfortunately, there aren't many companies using a powerline system. But if you do a little searching, its not too hard to find powerline systems. Do a little search on your favorite search engine and I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Here are a few of my favorite powerline MLM's:

Program #1:

Program #2:

Heres to YOUR success in MLM!


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