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MLM versus Pyramid

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Many people don't know the difference between MLM and pyramid, and I must admit sometimes the line between the two is very thin, but as a simple rule you can see the difference rather quickly by asking yourself the following question ?

"What is more important ? The product or service or recruiting new affiliates or members ?"

A company, any company can ONLY survive when they sell products or services !!!

Then, and only then, they can pay you as an affiliate or member.

When you get commission on recruiting other members WITHOUT selling any product or service you are involved in a pyramid and my advice to you, get out a.s.a.p.

If you are attracted to the mlm, as I am, find yourself a good product or service which you really like, of course use the product yourself, test it, abuse it and if you are still convinced this product or service is the best you have ever seen and you believe every soul on this planet should know about it, than go for it.

For me it is promoting the UK Lotto and Euro Millions through mlm, you can check for more info.

Good luck to you and find yourself a good product or service sold by a reputable mlm company.

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Gino Harteel has been involved with mlm since 1997 with ups and downs. On you can find out what has been working very well for him.

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