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New Life, New Blood, New Ideas, and New Activity

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This is an interested point I read in the Book "Success through a Postive Mental Attitude".

"Edward R. Dewey, who has been the Director for the Foundation for the study of cycles for many years, points out that every living organism, be it individual, business, or nation, grows to maturity, levels off and dies."

Equally important he said, "You can change the trend as far as you and your business is concerned, regardless of the general trend, with new life, new blood, new ideas, and new activity."

Has your business hit a stale point?

Is your business on the downward trend?

Well if this study is correct all we have to do is add new life, and new blood to our business. As we all know this means to start a new life into our business, to sponsor a new person, and start them on to their road to financial freedom.

How do we do this??? Well by following the same exact principal.... "With new Activity".

We follow the trend and activities that brought us the team we have now, and the trend states that you will find new associates, and thus pump new life into your business.

I think you all will agree with me the feeling you have when you start a new life into your business.

You yourself get pumped up and more excited about your business. This is the secret and the power in Network Marketing...Starting a New Life.

So my only question is:

What are you waiting for?

Get out there, and start a new life.

Shane Clevenger has been in Network Marketing for ten years, and has a current mission to help entreprenuers on their road to financial freedom. He is the president of and provides a service that allows business owners to stay in contact with their associates and clients, using the old school style of greeting cards and current technology. You can reach him at his blog at

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