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The Launch of the Next Wave in Affiliate Programs, Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Sales and Internet

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For years, industry experts have been predicting that video was the natural progression of the internet and the future of online communications and advertising. Somehow, between all of the tech-garble that engrosses the internet today, online streaming media has crept up upon us and now has the attention of even the most seasoned internet, affiliate marketing and MLM professionals.

Streaming video is going to not only revolutionize online advertising and communications as we know it, but also create an unlimited number of opportunities to generate massive income streams that were not even possible back in 2004. Literally anyone that has access to the internet is sitting on a goldmine in this new internet streaming revolution.

The online streaming media industry surged in 2004 ripping through industry forecasts and generated over $956 Billion dollars. In 2005, the industry is expected to generate over $2.1 Billion dollars and within the next 5 years, forecasters are estimating a jump to $12 Billion dollars annually.

In January 2005, a streaming media technology company launched several new products that had been in the making for years. In fact, the founders of the company have been in the online streaming media industry for over 8 years.

To fuel the streaming media industry fire, the company has launched: video auto-responders, video on demand, video chat, the world's first integration between video email and text email, a new video portal, live video broadcasting and they will be releasing video Blogging and more in April. Also to come is pay-per-view video broadcasting which is set to create a new frenzy on the internet for anyone that markets anything on the internet or has an email database they market to. All of the above products are enterprise level with the ease of use and pricing set for individual users.

One individual has seen the coming wave and jumped on board with this company just over a year and a half ago, when they had only one product available. "I spent years searching for a business opportunity. You name it; I've either researched it or attempted it. Of those I attempted I had no real success until I came across this company. After high school I went from job to job earning at most $30-$40k a year. Then at age 24, I found this company and earned 6-figures from home my first year. I'm now working this business full-time from home with no boss to report to, no employees, no alarm clock and total financial and time freedom", says Rob Hawthorne.

"Within just a couple of years, it will be difficult to find a website that is not utilizing streaming media in one way or another. Most people will also make the transition from text instant messaging (from MSN, Yahoo and others) to live real-time video chat, like the service that we just launched. It's not only fun, but video increases sales like nothing most webmasters have ever seen before."

On February 18, 2005, Mr. Hawthorne launched a new website which details all of the information about the products and business opportunity. Rob goes on to say, "Those who position themselves in front of the coming online video wave will be the success stories that we hear about years down the road. Some people will be too busy to see it coming. Others will be too burned out from attempting every other business out there. But for those who see it? your life (and bank account) will never be the same."

To learn more about this business and the new products that are now available to help you build your Affiliate Programs, MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales, or any business you own that has a website, please go to: offers product demos and Rob Hawthorne, who is based in Houston Texas, is also available to provide you and/or your business with actual live demos of the new products. All contact information is provided on the website above. Rob Hawthorne/ are Affiliates of VMdirect.

Rob Hawthorne
Houston, Texas

Rob Hawthorne is 26 years old and has been involved with Network Marketing for two and a half years. Within his first 6 months of being involved with MLM, he went full-time, earns a six-figure income working from home selling video streaming products and now teaches others how to do the same.

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