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Who Else Wants Their Share of Residual Income Without Having To Go MLM?

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(or how I increased my monthly revenue while sitting at the beach in Africa?)

Last week, I read a very cool case study written by Anik Singal (sorry, can't give you the link to the case study, it is available only inside his exclusive Affiliate Classroom, which I highly recommend, by the way ) where he was explaining how last month, while being very sick, he still managed to create a 4800$ RESIDUAL income.

I found his report very cool, because Anik has a way with words, and he was telling exactly what I am trying to teach on my site about promoting or starting a membership site : it is one of the BEST way to create RESIDUAL income online!

I know many people, when they hear the word "residual", they have a bad taste in their mouth, mostly because they have tried and failed big time in MLM, where they often promise you extremely high residual income but where in fact, only a few people at the top make real money. Been there, done that. I think every single affiliate marketer has been down this road at some point. Why? Because mlm is everywhere, and the recruiting is very heavy online.

But what if I could teach you a way to build REAL residual income? And what if I told you that you DON'T have to buy a starter kit?or to buy expensive products every month?

It is totally doable, and it wont cost you a cent. Let me explain.


How to do it : make the best choice


There are two types of affiliate programs online : the ones that pay a one-time commission, and the ones that pay a residual commission.

The difference? For the SAME EFFORT, the first option brings in a one-time income, and the second option brings in a MONTHLY income.

Think about it, if you had to choose, which one would you promote? Residual commission affiliate programs, of course!

Let me repeat this, it is extremely important : for the same EFFORT, you get paid EACH MONTH instead of only once!


What is the secret?


There are no secret? only one very interesting way to create that residual income : membership sites.

Membership sites are not for everyone, of course, but let me show you the two options you have (one for the lazy guy, another for the creative one!)

1. The creative option If you have a real passion, in a profitable niche, you can create your own membership site. The one thing I hear a lot is "yeah..but people won't PAY for content, there are so much free stuff online!". This is absolutely FALSE. Why? Because time is money. Yes, there are tons of free content online, but in it there's a lot of crappy content too! In our busy world, people are HAPPY to pay to get the real information quickly.

Of course, you have to offer great value for the money, but it is totally possible to create a very successful membership site. Many are doing it right now, and making real big bucks too!

Think about this : let's say you start a site about info product creation and you decide to charge 27$ per month to your members. Well, once you have 100 members, you will be making 2700$ per MONTH! This is much better then doing 27$ once, when you sell an ebook.

Some will argue that it takes a real big effort to provide fresh new content each month. Let me tell you this : for my own membership site, I don't do everything myself. Each month I set aside a part of my revenue and reinvest it in the site for fresh content. This way I can pay a few writers and specialists to help me out!

2. The lazy option If you are not really interested in starting your own membership site, the lazy option is this : promote someone else's membership site! You see, most membership sites has an affiliate program in place. Why not take advantage of it? The real big difference is that instead of getting paid once, as I mentioned earlier, most membership site affiliate programs pay you a residual monthly commission.

Think about this : if a membership site pays 50% commission to its affiliates, you get exactly the same share of profit then the membership site owner, and all you have to do is promote it!




By now, you should be convinced that promoting membership sites, or starting your own, is a great way to increase your monthly revenue. Even if finding those membership sites to promote is not easy, it is worth the extra research time!


Hey? but what about the beach in Africa?


Nearly forgot to mention it. Great headline don't you think? Just kidding here. Well, it is totally true! I spent 2 weeks in Africa, doing a tour, and I stayed a few nights at a luxury resort on the beach. And while I was there, I did not have to worry about money, because I new that I was making some more even while I was away! Not only my monthly income is insured, it is always growing because my advertising campaigns are on autopilot!

Ok, I can't guarantee you will make millions of money tomorrow by promoting membership sites, but you should really try it, it's a lot of fun and you will be very happy you did, a year from now, when you will have a steady monthly income coming in ;)

Your partner in online success,

Stephanie Hetu

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Stephanie Hetu has been working on the web as an affiliate since 1999. She owns her own membership site: a niche site offering dog training help to dog owners (with a residual affiliate proram, of course!). Her passion for the subject has led her to create a unique site about? membership sites (!) where she reviews tools to start a your own, and membership sites you can promote. To receive her membership site reviews, subscribe here (there's a gift with it!) :

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