My Sweet Little Valentine

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Valentine day has always been a special day in my life since Naseer, my husband proposed me to marry him a few years back. Since then, we never missed the chance of cherishing and celebrating every Valentine's Day. But this year we were neither together nor celebrating, yet it was very beautiful. I had the sweetest valentine with me this time and he was snuggled comfortably in to my arms. I am on my journey back home from the air show and am enjoying every moment of my valentine's day.

I have always loved taking challenges and am an ardent believer that a good homemaker can be a successful career woman as well. Therefore, this time while representing my company in the air show, I decided to take the plunge of proving myself to be an ideal mother and a good air show manager. I traveled alone with my four-month-old baby from Delhi- Bangalore and back. Mind you, it is quite an experience balancing home world with the corporate world. My onward journey on 4th Feb was still better because I had an escort provided by the airline to help me with my baby, baby bags and laptop. I managed through the two & half hour flight.

Air show went off well and today I am going back. It happens to be the Valentine's Day. But boarding the flight was more eventful than all my stay put together. My in laws arrived in the morning come to see off their grandson. I had been doing the balancing act since morning to pacify their traditional norms in between my corporate meetings. My son was holding on to me since he is too young to recognize his grandparents and hotel had messed up with the bills. I finally packed up and left the hotel. I had very little time to catch the flight and the driver was trying his best to beat the heavy traffic of Bangalore and reach the airport on time. I just managed to get boarding pass ten minutes before the flight was to take off. I literally begged the airline this time to provide me assistance with my laptop and baby bags. I ran to board my flight and I finally made it with my son-Hashir hanging on to me in his Snugly. Everyone in the flight had an amused look in his or her eyes seeing the apathy of a young mother.

But now, all the chaos is over and I am settled in the flight. As my baby sleeps in my arms, after days of hectic work schedule, I feel relaxed, contended and happy. My hard work has paid me back. I have got my best valentine gift today- my sweet little son. I could not ask for anything better from life.

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