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Attitude Is Everything! Make it Great!

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Change your attitude, change your life

In my experiences, I've found that opportunities are awarded most often to the person who had the best ATTITUDE for the job, not the most APTITUDE for the job. By changing your attitude to be more positive, people will want to talk to you, and you'll get more opportunities. More opportunities means more chances of success, more chances of success means more success, and more success means a better, changed, life.

Only you can make your life better. So I ask you, will you settle for average, or will you do what it takes to Make it Great?

Quote of the week

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. -- Sir Francis Bacon

It really is amazing to think about how much control you have over the luck you have. This quote sums up exactly how I feel every day, and why I am able to stay so positive. Knowing that the opportunities I encounter are a direct result of the efforts I put into things really helps me keep things in perspective.

You might be wondering, "I'm too busy to make opportunities. I need someone to knock on my door and put an opportunity in my hand." Or you might believe that opportunity knocks on your door, albeit only once. Both can be true, but again, I find that more often than not, opportunities come to those who are doing the knocking, not to those listening for it.

Site of the Week

One of my favorite sites is from a good friend of mine, Kirk Weisler. Kirk offers a T4D (Thought for the Day) that I read every day shortly after I wake up. You can feel the love in every one of Kirk's newsletters. I encourage you to subscribe to Kirk's newsletter, and read a few of the books he recommends. I promise you, Kirk's newsletter will change your life. I know it has changed mine! Read more about Kirk at his self-titled website

Until next time...Make it a GREAT day!

Phil Gerbyshak


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