Gay Men Psychology

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Gay men are said to be usually third or further born from the same mother. You might wish to check it out sometime. I am first born therefore less likely to become gay; also both my parents and all grandparents first born as well. What is your birth order? Therefore the tendencies have next to no chance for me, which I can tell you is a good thing; because I love women.

Being first born also has some nurturing characteristics to fend for yourself. Where as a third or forth born sibling has a shield of an older offspring for protection. Being third born also comes with it a slight, sometimes not even visible sense of inferiority, which can cause periods of depression. Such periods of down and out are fairly typical amongst humans and many of the studies of psychology suggest it is much more widespread than is seen in society. It appears to be human nature, others would prescribe you Prozac or such things. Interesting really. Some would call these problems, but the more they study them psychologists feel they are normal. Gay men often have such syndromes and work through these, often looking towards the strength of another man, which they are drawn towards. They are able to key off each other to find strength together.

The difference is the constrains of society on the individual and rapid increase in changes have not been matched by the genetic evolutionary changes needed for human beings to perform at optimum levels within a highly populated and strict society with contradictory rules to the innate characteristics of mankind coupled with a non-understanding of best methods to nurture, teach and understanding of how the human brain learns and which stimulates are best suited to that need of the overall society. Does this make sense to you? Read it again and think about it?

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