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How to Polish Your Speaking Skills: Its Time for T.I.P.S.

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When requested to write an article about public speaking tips, I experienced an epiphany, of sorts. Now there's a word I've never written, let alone spoken! Many people will do just about anything to avoid public speaking. Or, you may have said "Who's got the time?" or "That's not good use of my time." Therein lies the epiphany; it's all about time!

**The best public speakers make the time to learn about their audience so that what they're saying is what the audience is interested in hearing.

**The best public speakers know that timing is everything. They find out exactly what their speaking time allotment is, and then practice getting their timing right so they don't run over or run short.

**The best public speakers appreciate the value of time out. They leave a "cushion" of time before and after they speak, to reduce stage fright.

**The best public speakers recognize the third time's a charm. On average you'll want to practice your presentation aloud three times to work on your opening and closing, your nonverbal language and your intonation.

**The best public speakers are aware that time marches on. While the initial 30-60 seconds of a presentation seem like hours due to an elevated stress level, it quickly subsides as you proceed with your purpose and remember that the audience is there because they need what you have.

Finally, there's no time like the present to work on your T.I.P.S., which by the way represents Talking Is Public Speaking?. Every time you speak, it's a form of public speaking. If you want to develop your skills, I urge you to only seek input from an experienced and credentialed professional. Nothing less will do. Isn't it about time?

By: Dale Klein, M.A., Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist (SPEECH MATTERS)

Dale Klein, Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist may be contacted at 518-664-6004 or by visiting her website at When you want to speak like a "pro," there's only one place to go... SPEECH MATTERS.

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