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How to increase the Saleable Value of your Home

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When selling your home, you'll want to fetch the best price possible for your home yet it so happens in many cases, that buyers give offers that just don't meet your expectations. Of course, you will have to negotiate but you still may not end up getting how much you want. To ensure you get better offers and close in on a better deal, you need to make the buyer really want your home ? you'll have to impress him. You may think, 'Oh no, I don't want to spend on renovations out here.' Well, there are ways you can go about adding value to your home without spending as with there obviously being ways to add value with spending. Of course, when it comes to spending on renovations, only do so if you think it'll be justified a by a similar increase in the home's sale price or it'll considerably help improve the chances of you selling your home faster.

So how do you add value to your home so that you can quote a higher price or expect better offers for your quoted price? Here below are some tips:

Tips for the interiors of your home:

- Dark colors usually turn off most buyers. It's advisable to paint your walls white or off-white. Lighter colors will also give a spacious feel to your home and make it look bigger.

- Clean and organize your basement, attic and garage.

- Clean everything ? carpets, windows, mirrors, appliances ? A clean and tidy house will make your home look more welcoming to prospective buyers.

- Repair any leaking roofs or walls you may have and paint over the water stains to show no sign of water damage. Replace any discolored wallpaper.

- Replace broken switches, tighten loose door knobs and eliminate any squeaky noise that may arise from any of the windows or doors in the house.

Tips for the exteriors of your home:

- Cut your lawn weekly while showing your home. Rake leaves and sweep the sidewalk when the house is to be shown. You may also want to plant more flowers or use potted plants to give more color and life to your landscaping.

- Paint or clean the front door. Also make sure there's a neat door mat in the front entrance.

- Replace cracked window panes, if any.

- House painting would make your home look new although do so if it's really necessary and after considering the costs involved.

Sprucing up the interiors and exteriors of your home is necessary if you want to get best value for your home. Expenditures may arise in doing up your home but it will only add to the sale value of your home and make it much easier for your home to sell in quick time.

Best of luck with your home sale!

Sameer S Panjwani is the CEO and Founder of - Sell / Rent your Home online.

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