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Mechanics Lien on Your House

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In many places you can buy a house and a contractor can put a lien on it within 90 days of construction or delivery of materials. For example if a contractor fails to pay a subcontractor he/she can place a lien against your real estate.

If you have windows installed or any kind of construction, repairs or improvements done to your residence or even commercial property you need to make sure you get the contractor to release the lien. If you don't you could face shocking problems in the future.

A woman was going to nursing school and decided to sell her home and downsize. She was going to use the money to sustain her through a few more months. When they got ready to close, the title search revealed a mechanic's lien recorded against the property. This held up the sale for six months and the mortgage company began foreclosure actions. Her husband had windows installed several years earlier and had since passed away. The woman didn't have any idea where the receipts were. Everything worked out when a local television station got involved. The contractor's company couldn't find any records either so finally they agreed to release the lien and she was able to consummate the sale.

Suzie is a certified residential appraiser, licensed real estate broker and expert author. She has been in the industry for twenty years. Other professionals have contributed as well.

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