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Russ Whitney and Real Estate Investing Gurus

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There is curently a huge real Estate boom in America today. Little does the world know that this boom has some to do with all of the real estate guru's out there. From Robert Allen to Carlton Sheets these entreprenuers and strategists have helped changed the investment landscape.

From nightime informercials to Internet Advertising these guru's have found their space in the new milleniums landscape. It appears that Russ Whitney stands above the rest for his authentic approach to helping others. Coming in 2nd has to be Robert Allen, whose no money down approach revolutionzed the industry in the mid 80's. Others who are ultra successful are Carlton Sheets, Lou Castillo, and Mark Evans.

America must not fear the Guru. While some might think they are just out there to make money one must find another business where their goal isn't to make money. Success story after succes story these people prove there education works.

From time to time you will hear stories of failure but that usually is 'user error' and just like in any endeavour many will fall and many will suceeed. But if these guru's could move you 1 step closer to success then it's money well spend.

Chuck Light

Charles Light - Author and Speaker and Millionaire Real Estate Investor

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