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Tenant/Buyers Have Multiple Options

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Lease Purchasing affords the tenant/buyer a wonderful opportunity to get into a home today, that he or she can buy tomorrow. But what options are available at the end of the contract? Fortunately, Lease Purchasing provides multiple options here also.

Imagine having lived in a nice house in a good neighborhood for a number of years. Now comes decision time. Let's examine the options you have.

First, you can exercise the option and buy the house. You've already negotiated the terms of the sale, so you know what you'll be paying for the property. But, you may also have an option within this option. Let's say the housing market in your area has softened and the home is worth less than when you contracted for it. Don't you think the seller may be willing to re-negotiate the terms of the deal rather than get the house back. There's a good chance he will. To re-cap, you can exercise the option or re-negotiate.

Your second choice is to not exercise the option. In this case, you've rented a nice house for a number of years and had great terms for that length of time. Here comes another big but, if you've had a good record of payments with the seller, and you would like to stay in the house, possibly the seller would consider turning your contract into a straight rental.

A third option has the potential to be a profit maker for you, the tenant/buyer. The end of the contract period is approaching and for whatever reason, you don't want to buy the house. What do you do? Well, if the real estate market in your area has been strong, why not sell the house and make a profit on the deal.

What you say, how can I sell a house I don't own? It's simple. You exercise what is called a simultaneous close.

Remember, you have an option to buy this house at a set price, if it has appreciated over the length of the contract, you can sell it to a third party for a price greater than your option price. You pocket the difference. Instant profit!

Well, there you have it. Options, options, and options within options. As you can see, Lease Purchasing provides the tenant/buyer with the flexibility to be a "smart renter". No longer do you have to throw your monthly payment down a black hole. Make the best use of your money, rather than letting your landlord use it for his new car payment.

Only the wonderful niche of Lease Purchasing can give you so many choices. Don't ya just love it!

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