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Will The Real Home Buying Guide... Please Stand Up?

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Use Google right now and do a search on, "Home Buying Guide". Take a few minutes to click some of the links to see what's out there and then come right back.

Now, try "Home Buyer Guide" and do the same thing.

Overwhelming, isn't it?

And that's exactly the problem facing today's prospective homebuyers; not knowing how to sort through all of the information that is offered to them when buying a home.

Do you know what the other problem is?

Ironic as it may sound, just as prospective homebuyers have too much information on topics such as: how to find a real estate agent, how to find a mortgage, how to fix your credit or how to get the lowest possible insurance, and on and on...they are faced with just the complete opposite when it comes to having information on the main focus of their quest - specific information on the house they want to buy.

In a survey conducted by Key Findings, it was found that "Prospective home buyers say they are unhappy with the information available to them. Some don't think they are seeing all the homes available in their price range and complain about how difficult it is to find detailed information about the homes they are interested in buying."

If you're thinking about buying a home right now do you feel you're as informed as you could be about the house you may be interested in buying? If not, would you even know where to go to even begin to get it?

Do not despair because there is hope!

You would be surprised to learn that you can get alot of answers and information simply by observing and asking the right questions - and many of them. You also need to be sure you're asking the right person, to get the right answer.

A couple of sources of information include your local municipal Offices or County Courthouse, neighbors and yes, even the actual seller(s).

You also need to spend time investigating the neighborhood and, once you actually decide on a home you're interested in, spend as much time there as possible. Doing so will allow you to get the feel for the property and view things you may normally miss if you're just simply herded through the home.

Here is a brief list of some of the things you should be able to uncover with a little poking around:

  • What work has been done to the home?
  • What work needs to be done to the home?
  • Is it a good neighborhood?
  • How can you tell if it's a good neighborhood?
  • Is the house you're looking to purchase built on a former dump site?
  • Is something going to be happening with all that vacant land next door?
  • How long have the current owners owned the home?
  • How much did they pay for the home when they bought it?
  • Why are they selling now?
  • Is the price they are asking for the home too high?

The key is: Don't be afraid to ask the questions you have and, for the questions you do have, make sure you're asking the right person and make sure they get answered to your satisfaction BEFORE you make your purchase.

Become a real estate insider and don't be at the mercy of unreliable real estate agents or untruthful sellers. Discover just how easy it is to get all the information you need on the home you want to buy and not get stuck having to deal with those post-purchase nightmares, as most uninformed homebuyers do.


Don Berthiaume tells you what you need to watch for when buying your next home. To find out more, and to claim your free 4-part home buying mini-course, visit this site: Buying a Home

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