A Man Drought In Australasia - Bugger! Age is Against Me

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Men wanted desperately, it's official. The increasing surplus of high quality women in the 30 plus age group over suitable available men is becoming a major problem in both New Zealand and Australia.

Current trends show that in Australia in 1976 there was a surplus of 30-something men totaling 54,000. Today there is a surplus of 20,000females. In New Zealand with a smaller population base of about 4 million there are some 24,000 plus more women than men in this critical age group. The trend is getting worse.

Experts point out that much of this problem is caused by the fact that other countries, in particular those in the richer northern hemisphere, are only to pleased to grab up highly trained young Kiwi and Aussie men, most of whom have been educated and trained at the expense of the New Zealand & Australian taxpayer.

Both Kiwis and Aussies have traditionally undertaken their great OE (overseas experience) since the days of colony status. In the past most have ultimately returned to their homelands to settle. Today however, more males are settling overseas. They marry and settle in the new wife's homeland environment or others return with a wife and are therefore unavailable on the marriage market. Alternatively, the females are returning to their natural habitat to settle to find a serious shortage of quality mates.

I do highlight the words "quality mates" because this writer does have some insight and experience of the quality of the average Kiwi/Aussie woman of this age group and, I'm beginning to wonder if some of the problems may centre more upon the superior qualities of many of the ladies from these two countries.

As an example I am thinking upon two such young ladies from not so long back - one a Kiwi the other Australian.

Both ladies initially came from a rural background. They could drive all types of farm vehicles from the age of 12, were crack shots with a rifle. The Aussie could crack heads of snakes and Kiwi could kill a wild boar with only a knife. Sailing, surfing, swimming, skiing mountain climbing, sports and you name it. They both went to good schools then onto university where they qualified (degrees) in their respective subjects. Then off on their great OE experience both working and travelling extensively for a few years before returning home.

Do they sound a bit butch? No way. One looked like a mix of Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Zeta Jones while the other compares to a red headed 'Lucy Lawless' of 'Xena Warrior Princess' fame. As per an old friends description "They had bodies to drool over and legs to die for'

No bimbo's these girls, educated, world travelled, sophisticated, mix in any social environment, fabulous in jeans and stunning in evening gowns. Both ladies returned from their overseas OE, entered high paying employment, bought their own homes and quality cars etc.

Now it's totally understandable that girls like the above do not want to hook up with 'Drongos' ? why should they? They need males with whom they have a fair degree of compatibility both physically and intellectually.

At the end of the day the Aussie caught a male Aussie while fishing on a cruise ship and the Kiwi lass captured a well-travelled and educated English guy during a visit to New York. I can honestly report that both males have been extremely happy and contented for many years since their move down under. The Aussie husband has never suffered snakebite and the English guy thoroughly enjoys roast pork dinners.

Northern hemisphere males might feel a little nervous to hook up with an educated sophisticated lady who can also kill a wild pig with only a knife, is a crack shot and can drive a 'Big Mack" On the other hand the leftover less educated untravelled southern hemisphere males are totally ill equipped and unsuitable to match up to such quality girls.

This man drought problem is one that this writer would have willingly worked to alleviate some 25 back. It is with deep regret however, that age is now against me. I do have concern though that if this situation is allowed to deteriorate further, is it remotely possible that, as in wartime, us oldies might be called upon to serve? Oh! The spirit would be willing but no doubt the flesh would simply drop off.

On a more serious note though their must be many 'quality' young men out there in the northern hemisphere who happen to read this and will feel confident enough to hook up with a girl the likes of 'Rachel Hunter' 'Kyle Bax' 'Lucy Lawless' 'Elle McPherson' 'Cate Blanchett' 'Nicole Kidman' and the list goes on.

Any confident marriage oriented candidates that meet the requirements should book their next holiday to New Zealand and/or Australia (visit both). Take a look at the lifestyles in those countries, compare the exchange rates to see what your local savings will buy you and allow plenty of time to meet the ladies. Peruse the local Aussie and Kiwi dating sites, who knows you might locate that ideal beauty before you arrive.

As a plea from an older man in fear of being called upon, be brave, do it. The gorgeous ladies of the Antipodes are waiting for you.

Ted Burgess turned to the computer at age 63 as a possible mental rehabilitation tool after heart attacks and strokes. His interests cover many subjects as reflected in his web site at

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