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Often times when a couple gets married, things get pushed off, or ignored. Earlier in the marriage, the sight-seeing, honeymoon feeling, and those fancy restaurant dates tend to decline. Why do they decline? It's not because your love for one another has become less, remember that. Your spouse may be getting tied with his work, cramming to meet deadlines, or being bossed around too much like the underdog. Maybe things are just not settling smoothly, and sometimes it feels great, sometimes normal, and sometimes crappy.

Several hardships can be waded through, and this is one of them. Remember, showing you love your partner is the best way to communicate. I'm not saying go buy a 24k diamond necklace every anniversary, but at least make an effort. There's no excuse for not buying flowers, especially if it's the anniversary. Flowers are cheap and now days they can be delivered right to your doorstep. Show your partner that you care, by sending those flowers on the anniversary even if you're going out to dinner, and even more importantly, show them that you remembered! Another great gift is a box of chocolates on Valentines Day. How much effort does it take to go to a chocolate shop or a store like Target, buy some chocolates, write a little note and tuck it into your partner's purse or sac? Simply none at all and that's why you should do it.

Most often, people tend to forget to say the phrase, 'I love you', quite a bit. Show your partner that you care for them, hug them, hold their hands, even if your getting old, bring the lively actions into the relationship once more. Set some events that you can go to. Almost always try to attend your friends and family's weddings. Weddings are a very rare occasion, and if you are already married, the memories of your own wedding will flood through your mind. Imagine the effect this will create, you will remember your own wedding day, your honeymoon, and you'll want to cherish that moment again. You should never decline an offer to attend to a friend or family's party either. Large social events create fun for everyone. Remember, don't put things off till tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.

* Relationships can get stormy for everyone.

* Buy something for your partner.

* Show your love.

* Attend social events such as weddings.

* Never put things off.

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