What Does Relational Success Look Like? (Characteristics Of A Growing Relationship)

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Loving in the good times -- and the not-so-good times.

Learning how to "win as a team" instead of demanding to win as an individual.

Learning to care and caring enough to listen.

Seeking mutual growth, celebrating each other's victories and assisting each other during the stress times of life.

Being big enough to ask for forgiveness when you have wronged the other person and strong enough to grant forgiveness when you have been wronged.

Overlooking the small things for the purpose of gaining the bigger things in a relationship. Striving to keep the "small things" just that: small.

Giving enough space to the other person to allow for a strong sense of personal identity and self-worth while at the same time refusing to allow "space" to become a way of punishing someone when they fail to live up to my expectations.

Being flexible as schedules and various seasons of the year fluctuate between "being normal" and "being totally out of control."


What has caused our relationship to grow stronger in the ups and downs of life? Ideas for keeping the momentum...

Do we fight each other or *for* each other? How are we doing? We function best as a team when we...

Am I caring -- and caring enough to listen?

Is mutual celebration a part of who we are as a couple?

I certainly don't use "personal distance" as a punishment, do I?

Are we forgiving and experiencing true forgiveness? If so, what insights have we gained?

Is anything "too big" that is really too small to be an issue between us? What can (or should) be done about it?

Would we give each other a high rating in the area of being sensitive to the shifting demands of the crazy lives we lead?

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