An Encouraging Moment / Pomes for the Heart

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Here are a few pomes, that I hope, may encourage you to read your Bible. I hope you enjoy the poems, and I pray that it bring light into your life. Remember, all praise and glory go to the Lord Jesus and his Father God.

Because you were There: Because you were there I am heal, because you were there you made me righteous. I received the Holy Spirit and Fire. Oh Jesus you made the sacrifice and paid the price, so we can live. So I give to you, everything that I am and pray that you lead me to never sin again, because you were there I live. Because you were there I'm not afraid of anything or anyone. Because you were there I can face anything, because you were there, I can live by Faith and march on in your Holy Grace.

To Love the Lord: To love the Lord is to surrender, and become His contender. A contender with your mind, heart, and soul. Believing that He is the one we owe. The praise and glory unto him, for allowing us to do His will. Blessing us to be so serene, never forgetting what is to be fulfill. Being Bless by His grace, we will never lose this race. Obeying His commands as we walk right, never leaving His wonderful sight. To love the Lord is to know the Lord, and to know the Lord is to know His word, and to know His word, is to know the wisdom of His knowledge which is the Bible.

Lead Me Oh Lord: Lead me oh Lord with my Faith, letting me win with your Grace. Be my shepherd upon this earth, while waiting for your new birth. Gather me oh Lord to an everlasting herd, with believer's soaring like a multitude of birds. Let me prophecies in your Holy Name, so that you reign for what you so greatly gain. Love the Father and the Son, which is all in One. Love thy neighbor as thy self, for it's the Kingdom that we crave knowing that we will never see the grave. So kept His commands and move on, knowing it's the victory that we have won.

Hear Yea Oh Hear Yea: Hear yea oh hear yea one and all, about the great one, who will never fall. Let's open the book and learn what's within, a treasure so great we can only win. Hear yea oh hear yea for it calls, and tells the truth for us all. So greatly written and perfect in place, we know it had to done only by His Grace. So let's us be thankful for it all. Since the beginning of time Jesus knew He was making us to anew. So shout for joy, and praise his name, for it's the victory that we gain. Think of a place so brand new, there's no room for even mildew. Angelic being's all over the place, praising God for His amazing Grace.

I hope you have enjoyed these pomes. I again encourage you to read your Bible and get the true facts and purpose for our being.

A Prayer for the Blessing of Food

Father in Heaven, I thank you for all things, I thank you for this food, which I'm bound to receive for the nourishment of my body, and Christ all day. Amen.

Love Always,
Your Sister in Christ,
Mellody Davis

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