As The Storm Clouds Gather

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Revelation 20:8-20:9
Jesus warned us of a time of great tribulation, as was never seen by man and never again will be seen. There are storm clouds gathering around us if we are willing to see.

My grandfather fought in World War 1, My unc les in World War 2, and Korea, My brothers in Vietnam, and I, too late for Vietnam and too early for the rest, storm clouds all. But there has never been so much proof about the storm of all storms as now.

I can see visions of lighting and thunder, never seen or heard by man. I see multitudes of troops, from many nations gathering together into one voice and one mind. This story is great, it started in the Garden of Eden, made its presents known at Golgotha, where the tears of Christ reached up into Heaven , and now today, black clouds and thunder can be seen and heard around the world.

Nothing can stop its furry to come, the warning flags are out, the preparations need to be finished, for as the sun rises and sets, this storm will be destructive on a global scale.

Lets go to Revelations 20:8-9, with reference to Revelations 18:2-23. {Satan} " And shall go out to deceive the Nations which are in the four quarters of the Earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle : the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up on the breath of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about and the beloved city and fire came down from God out of heaven and devoured them."

This brings us into the question I and other ministers are asking, Is New York City, spiritual Babylon?

The United Nations are growing every year, more and more nations are coming together into one voice and under one leadership. How much more convenient could it be for the anti-christ to gather all Nations to fight against Jerusalem, by using the United Nations as a pawn in His quest to destroy Christ at Armageddon. The Middle East is a power keg, ready to blow up, Hamas and Al-Quida are joining forces against Israel and the United States is in a war they cant win, I believe according to scripture, the anti-christ will make a way for all nations to come to peace with each other and deceive the world.

Take a moment and look at the facts, look at the scripture. We as a church body cant continue with, "Business as usual " any more. The warnings are there, Christ return is closer as I write this down. This nation has forgotten God, we have ignored Jesus and His prophecys. We have become a nation of Idolizers.

Look at the media our children watch, even the cartoons are now coming out with pornographic theams. Childrens movies have vulgariety in them, and its even beginning hard to watch commercials. Women showing their bodies openly, just to sell underwear, and who is watching this? Our children.

Television is coming out with programming that, 5 years ago was baned from airing, and now its common, Sex in the City, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Friends , and thats just to mention a few. And where is the church, while all this is going on ? Where are the revivals we use to have, where are the prayer wariers and prayer meetings ? Church, we ALL must wake up and start looking at the world around us. I'm talking to myself, also, we all need to do more. Jesus said, " Work while it is still light, for there will come a time, when it is night and no man worketh." Jesus is crying out to all of the earth, " Will there be faith on earth, when I return ?" The storm is gathering, New York City being destroyed by suicide bombers, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Cattle , Silk , the center of the world banking system, religion, politics, wood, ect, all coming in and out of Her sea ports. The signs are there, the thunder is growing, the lightning is on the horizon.

Is all this just my opinion ? No, its our destiny as a nation, it will come to pass and soon.

"And they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction shall come upon them." My opinion ? No, My interpretation of scripture. If there is a time for revival, its now., If there's a time for prayer, its now , if there was ever a time for fasting, its now. Time is short and we must, if God permit, gather our loved ones and our enemies into the House of The Lord. Still not convinced ? Read the news, check out the number of nations in the U.N. and the number of nations that are still not in. Research New York, research Babylon, { Physical and Spiritual }" Babylon is fallen, is fallen ". In Hebrew when a item is mentioned twice in the same sentence, such as {is fallen, is fallen }, indicates that this will occur twice. Babylon of Iraq has fallen and was destroyed, this was the physical Babylon and now we awaite the spiritual, it will fall and it will burn, Jesus declared it. " Pray that ye be found worthy to escape the tribulation that will come upon the whole earth. " I pray that, this sermon will touch your hearts, for the christian, a shining beacon of hope for the return of our saviour, and for the lost, a warning to come to Christ before its too late. God Bless.

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A.R. Smith Sermons International

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