Catholic Church Ready to Fall?

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Americans waited for an explanation of the molestations of thousands of parishioners, they waited for a statement about abuses of power pedophilia and homosexuality of Priests. They did not get more than a little apology, which did not sit well with most Americans. To add further insult to injury Cardinal Law knew of the issues and moved priest from parish to parish, then left the United States to go back to Vatican. Several Priests in high profile cases were arrested and imprisoned. Several more Arch Dioceses went bankrupt.

No one seems to want to stick up for the Catholic Church in America and now even the Gay and Lesbian Associations want to differentiate themselves and their homosexuality from that of the Priests saying that the Priests do not discriminate by gender they molest both boys and girls and many of them while they might engage in adolescent sodomy, they are not straight homosexuals. There fore Americans should not assume that these Priests are part of the Homosexual Gay or Lesbian Groups. A new term is now being used instead "phenophilia" (sp?) which is the molestation of adolescents instead of pedophilia, which is synonymous with child molestation.

Is the Catholic Church packing up its bags in America? Is America throwing them out? Will the Catholic Church do what modern corporations do after huge layoffs and fire the CEO, bring in a new one who can start a new? Is the recent and tragic death of our last Pope, merely ailing health or was he helped along to help put the church in a better light with a new Pope, a new mission statement and a new fresh start? Lots of questions to be answered by Benedict XVI, will he betray the pedophile Priests in their ranks or will it be business as usual in the United States with the Catholic Church? Will you introduce your children to the Catholic Church and feel comfortable leaving them alone with staff? Do you want the stigma to follow your son if he becomes an alter boy, after all whether he is molested or has gay sex with a Catholic Church Staff or not everyone will assume he had anyway.

The Tithing monies have dwindled, financial ruin is a possibility and lawsuits and accusations of thousands of more cases of molestation have been filed; can the Catholic Church over come this? Is the Catholic Church going to crumble in the United States or can Benedict XVI save it by betraying his rank and pedophile.

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