Compassion and Plenty

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He Showed 'Compassion'

He made lots where there was only little. He exceeded well beyond what man thought was needed...

How Will They Eat?

In John 6, Jesus was the one that brought up the subject. He asked Philip where they should buy the bread so that the multitude of people could eat.

Philip knew even a lot of money wouldn't be enough for everyone to even have a little bit.

The lack

Philip immediately looked at how much there wasn't. The lack. He didn't look at the situation as an opportunity for Jesus to do a miracle.

Andrew, Simon Peter's brother, told him that there was a boy there that had two fish and five loves of bread. He told Jesus that he knew it wasn't much for so many people. He didn't see it as an opportunity for Jesus to show His love.

You may have heard about the miracle. There were about 5,000 men. -In the Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries the word 'men' here meant 'males'. The number doesn't include the women or children that were there! At only one child per couple there would have been closer to 15,000 people!

Jesus told the disciples to have the people sit down in the grass. Jesus gave thanks to God for the food and the disciples passed out some to everyone.

God Showed 'Plenty'

Jesus told them to go pick up the remains. There picked up 12 baskets full!

That itself is a miracle yet we don't always realize what that means. Yes, Jesus saw the needs of the people but didn't get bogged down in it. He didn't sit down and dwell on it. He didn't start whining or bawling.

Instead of seeing the lack Jesus saw the plenty. He saw how a little would become much.

What Are We To Do With This Info?

We too should focus on God and what can be done in our lives. We too should focus on the reality that all things are possible with God (Mark 10:27). We too should focus on the reality that all things are possible to the person that believes (Mark 9:23).

Do not think about the lack!

Realize the overabundance always!

This continued perceptive will indeed change your attitude and your life for the better!

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