Crazy in Love

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Several years ago my cousin was pleased to find out that she wasn't going crazy,she found out that what she suffered from was O.C.D. or better known as "obsessive,compulsive disorder". Just knowing that what she suffered from had a name and could now be treated with proper medication and through the power of knowlege,she could contend with it on a more positive level. At least it was confirmed that she was not crazy. Through lack of knowlege, we however are quick to label this sickness as a brain disorder or just someone who is crazy.Obsessive compulsive disorder causes repeated behavior by the sufferer to the point that we veiw them as 'not normal'. Anyone who doesn't suffer from this to some degree can't imagine why anyone would keep repeating a certain action when they know it was already completed.But this where lack of knowlege comes in.When we aren't educated properly,we lack understanding and then rely on our opinions and not truth.

Recently while witnessing to someone about the importance of accepting Christ and being saved came back with a response that was I'm sure meant to be a negative come back. I was told to,"be careful, there is a fine line between reality and obsessive compulsive behavior."My first reaction was to question myself as being crazy.After all when we use the term obsessive compulsive,doesn't this mean something negative?But, in spite of the negative conotation of my frame of mind, I quickly gained my wits about me.

It's a well known fact that in our faith walk there will always be those who will try and detain us by voicing their person opinions because they don't know any better.And what was I'm sure meant to make me feel insecure,soon rose to a triumphant feeling that I was crazy...crazy for Jesus!This obsessive,compulsive behavior is certainly not a disorder. In fact,all through God's word,He commands us to be crazy for Him, not in just a passive way either.

Joshua 22:5 "But take diligent heed to do the commandments and the law which Moses the servant of the Lord charged you;to love the Lord your God and to walk in all His ways and keep the commandments and to cling to and unite with Him to serve Him with all your heart and soul (your very life)" Amplified.

God advises us to walk the eternal path in order to find rest. If we don't follow that path,we will eventually end up living in chaos and disaster.Only God can bring peace and order into our lives through His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus said "Peace I give unto you." This peace was peace of mind.Trying to attain this kind of peace in a crazy,mixed up world is so seldom found unless we know Christ as our personal Savior.

Therefore in my obsessive,compulsive behavior for Jesus I now have a renewed and refreshed strength to keep up my walk with Him. Peace afterall is an attribute of God's and He wants us to have what He has.

Since it is the chief end of man to serve a loving,faithful God (not the other way around) doesn't it make sense to be crazy in love with Him?This is a Father who sits on the throne in heaven and rules the universe. Anyone who knows all the stars by name,can measure out the waters in His hands and balance out the mountains and even knows how many hairs are left on my head is certainly someone that deserves all my praise,honor and glory. Am I crazy? Yes, you bet, I'm crazy in love with Jesus.

Vivian Gordon

A born again child of God who is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Also a prayer intercessor who lifts others up for healing and wholeness.

Also called by God to fulfill a dream of writing and illustrating children's books.The first one is presently being written for young impressionable children to learn various Christian morals.

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