God And World Religion: The Secret Identity Of ?God? Exposed, Finally...

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You may now have this 10,000 year Old "SECRET" that had been kept away from the general public by the "Power Elite" until now?

Know the truth and set yourself free forever. Suffer no more. Rise and shine. It is your birthright?

You may be worshipping the wrong "God" without knowing it because you were born into a family who belonged to a certain religion, and naturally, you now belong to the same religion and have never questioned their scriptural teachings.

You never questioned their teaching because you've been programmed to believe that to do so would be to go against "God" (a supernatural being that supposedly created the universe!) and wrong, a sin for which you would be punished. It is fear that has stopped you from doing so.

So, you have swallowed all their teachings on face value, even though, under normal circumstances, you would not do so.

To show any intelligence by questioning or arguing against their belief could lead to being condemned, alienated and ostracized by your family, friends, and community. We understand. You're not to be blamed.

There are many organized religions today in the world; the largest being Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, paganism and animism. Billions of humans belong to and profess faith to them.

Almost all these religions teach belief in a supernatural being, called "God" and have scriptures, articles of faith, and rituals that its members must practice.

Most also have a central location (for example church, temple, mosque, synagogue) where its members assemble to worship their "God" and engage in rituals.

A person who believes in a God is considered religious.

A person who denies the existence of a God is an atheist.

A person who believes God is unknowable is an agnostic.

It may be true that most human beings are living in modern times of high technology, computers, the internet, cell phones, TV and space travel, but their minds are still primitive and undeveloped.

They have no skill in critical analysis and concrete rationality because organized religions have programmed them to always "believe in things" and never to "think or question or analyze things", and to attribute all that happens in their daily lives to the designs of a God (if it is good) or a devil (if it is bad).

Their mentality and rationality have not matured. Their bodies are present here in the 21st century, but their minds are still stuck 100,000 years in the past. (Thanks to sleek mental programming by organized religions.)

All the worlds' organized religions have certain things in common: In order to convert a lot of people, and also to dominate their congregations, they have wittingly and unwittingly employed a formidable strategy.

They have developed their scriptures by combining spirituality with moral systems, rituals, hypnotism, human psychology, psychism, astrology, theology, pre-history, fear, paranoia and fatalism.

That is why they have so much power and influence over billions of people.

One religion in particular, Christianity, was able to spread like wild fire because wherever they went in the undeveloped world, they bribed the people by building roads, schools and hospital for them.

By so doing, it was easy for them to disarm their rationality and convert them.

As for Islam (the so called religion of "peace"), instead of bribing its converts with modern amenities, it used murder.

They spread because, if you refused to believe in their teaching, they would cut off your head! And their converts were smart. They converted to save their heads!

Spirituality: This is the science of being aware that leads to the realization of your inner, unseen, nature and your relationship to nature on the outside. This is not the same as religion, even though most people mistake the two as the same.

Moral system: This is a social teaching that establishes what is right or wrong in a given society, for the benefit of the inhabitants, in order to maintain law and order and the survival of the society. It has nothing to do with spirituality.

So, one may not be moral, and yet he/she can become spiritual because spirituality transcends morality (right and wrong).

Actually, the ultimate meaning of a true spiritual being is one who has gone beyond right and wrong (morality), body and mind, and the world (materiality). It is the "Beyond".

This is the reason why human beings have consistently misunderstood spirituality and the spiritual teachings of enlightened beings, and have always abused spiritual teachings.

Hypnotism: This is the art of using repetition to program somebody's mind to displace his/her rationality and compel him/her to do things against his/her wishes. This is what organized religions do.

They make you go to the church, mosque, temple and synagogue where they preach to you and repeat their sermons endlessly. By so doing, they hypnotize you and make you unable to use your rational mind.

Actually, their hypnotism is also direct, because they tell you directly that you must believe their scripture (have faith) and you can't doubt it because it is the "word" of their "God".

So, their hypnotism and mental programming are both direct (must have faith, no questioning or thinking) and indirect (rituals, preaching and worshiping).

We're behaving in a mad way. The world is mad. Most Christian nations of the world in Europe, America and Russia have atomic and nuclear bombs that they target at one another.

Any day, a mistake can cause them to be set off and the world will be engulfed in a nuclear conflagration. Such mistakes, of a near nuclear attack based on a false alarm, have actually happened a few times before.

If a future nuclear war is not set off due to human error or a computer glitch, then it will be set off by all the mad and evil people running around in the world.

With the world wallowing and over flowing with so many weapons, wars, quarrels among nations, racism, ethnicism, hate, evil, scams, crimes, moral depravity, prostitution, drug abuse, domestic problems, economic woes and poverty, where in the world is organized religions working and producing good citizens?

Islam says that it is a "religion of peace" and yet Islamic fundamentalists roam the world throwing bombs and murdering innocent citizens that have not caused them any trouble.

In the Middle East, Palestinians are sending their 14 year olds as suicide bombers to murder Jews. This is a despicable atrocity.

Using 14 year old innocent children as suicide bombers should be considered a crime against humanity. What has UN done about this? Why is there no international condemnation and outrage against this atrocity?

Israel claims that Palestinian lands belong to them because their "God", Jehovah, gave it to their patriarch, "Abraham", thousands of years ago.

But "Abraham" is not a historical personality. Does anyone has any verifiable proof that Abraham was a historical figure?

And their "God", also known as "El" (from where the name "Isra-EL" is derived) or "Jehovah", was an ancient astronaut from out of space whose race colonized earth about 500,000 years ago. He was also known by other names: "Nanna" or "Poisedon".

"El" was also known as "Enlil" and he was the father of Jehovah, who was also known as "Nanna" or Poisedon.

They are not "God" the creator of the universe. They were ancient astronauts!

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And where is Jehovah anyway? Why is he so silent for decades while his children murder each other for the sake of a piece of empty desert land?

If he gave Palestinian lands to the Jews, why doesn't he come down from wherever he lives and proclaim that to us today? Is he not omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent anymore?

And if his children have been worshipping him for thousands of years and his representatives (the rabbis, scribes, priests, bishops and popes who claim to know him and have direct access to him) have been calling on him, why is he so silent then? Is he deaf?

Iran and North Korea continue with efforts to develop nuclear warheads.

Some of them have bought nuclear weapons from Pakistan and Russia.

Nobody knows if North Korea is bluffing or not, but they have been making threats to America.

India and Pakistan have nuclear warheads aimed at each other, waiting for any provocation to push the button.

Also, India and Pakistan used to be one country, and are the cradle of the greatest civilizations and religions in the world: Hinduism and Buddhism.

Instead of spending money to develop India and Pakistan, their governments squander it by stockpiling nuclear weapons that can decimate their countries, while hundreds of millions of their people have no modern amenities, jobs, electricity, running water, good roads, clothes, education or food.

Can you see the madness of politicians?

The world is fast rushing towards a nuclear annihilation. It may be triggered by error or conscious action of evil people.

And unless it happens, we humans will not wake up and our madness will not stop.

One day, will Americans wake up in the morning only to have nuclear weapons raining down on them? By then it is too late?.

So, where is the religious teaching and how is it working anywhere with so many disputes, quarrels and wars: Arabs vs. Jews; Chinese vs. Japanese; China vs. Taiwan; Blacks vs. Whites; Communism vs. Democracy; Christianity vs. Islam and Judaism vs. Christianity.

The world is mad. We need to clean it up and start all over. If we don't, we'll all end up in a nuclear war that will wipe out billions of people and make our planet uninhabitable for thousands of years.

It has happened before and it may happen again. Unless we all wake up and come back to our senses.

During the next 10 yrs, there may be a lot of natural disasters hitting our planet and millions of people may perish. Many major economies may collapse. Diseases will be widespread.

It may have already begun, with the tsunami that just hit Southeast Asia recently, which have claimed hundreds of thousands of lives.

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Have a happy new year and live long and prosper.


I-key Benney

I-key, an "Enlightened" man & Millionaire CEO from New York City is the creator of "Mscsrrr: Millionaire Cash System", (home based income program ) which has helped thousands of ordinary people from all over the world to attain financial security and success during the past 2 years.

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