Heaven and Hell

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Heaven is a bribe and hell is a punishment. Be good and act a certain way and you will be granted admission to heaven and not be condemned to burn forever. Does it seem fair that entrance to heaven is determined by the location of a baby's birth? If a baby was born into a God fearing Christian society then he would be rewarded with everlasting bliss. If he was unlucky enough to be born into an African tribe or an Asian village than immediately upon death he would head below to burn for an eternity. Believe like me or go to hell? It is beyond belief that some people actually believe this.

Heaven and hell seem to be based on fear. Fear controls people's actions and makes them do things they would not normally do. Fear brings cruelty about. Organized religion and cruelty seem to go hand in hand. Although organized religion has many benefits, I feel that the absolute truth thinking that goes along with many forms of religion including Christianity is wrong.

It seems foolish to think that God has a list of ten things he does not want us to do. If we mess up and do not ask for forgiveness after we break some of these rules, we will be sent to hell to be in misery forever and ever. Believing in hell is simply a mild form of insanity.

Do these Catholic priests that molest young boys go to hell? Or does their position within the church automatically eliminate them from the hell registry?

Jackie Wellman, author of Spiritual Clarity,,

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