Islam Embraces the New Pope

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The European Union has seen a huge influx of Muslims in its countries and is watching their incredible birth rates. The demographic switch is changing rapidly. Countries like Spain, France and Germany are looking to get along with Islam and the Middle East for reasons of trade and security from International Terrorism, especially after the Madrid train bombing. These countries do not wish to wage a war on terror, but rather appease Islamic Fundamentalism. Islam considers Catholics, Christians, Buddhists and Hindus all infidels, but of all peoples and religions they hate Jews the most. They hate the Jews due to historical record and also because they are taught to hate the Jews from a very early age in their schools.

Since Catholicism must exist in harmony with Islam due to its proximity to it's core, their choice for Pope seems to make a lot of sense to them. Benedict XVI was a former Hitler youth and Islam would see this as an Anti-Jew Choice, this is why the Catholic Church was quick to leak this information about his service to the Hitler Youth and then quickly make a statement that: "He only joined because it was compulsory." The PR worked perfectly. It asked the world to forgive, while showing he was anti-Jew to protect them from Islam and keep peace giving the Church time to home in on possible future parishioners of moderate non-practicing Muslims. It really is all about Public Relations and positioning. Of course when you talk about truth sometimes no one wants to hear it. Many Americans are quite concerned with the choice of a Nazi Hitler Youth Pope such a Benedict the XVI and have not forgotten that we lost 100's of thousands of men fighting Hitler's Armies. Meanwhile Benedict the XVI was there blessing and praying with them to kill our soldiers and our allied troops. Of course there were also Catholic Priests on our side praying against them. Playing both sides against the middle is what the Catholic Church has done well in their long reign over nations and peoples.

Although Islam does not have a whole lot of nice things to say about the Infidel Catholics, right now they are not saying anything negative and for the most part are happy with the choice. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend and any Jew hater is a friend of mine" said an American Muslim we interviewed off the record, without giving us his name. We interviewed another for a second opinion a Muslim woman this time she was much better; "I think that he [the Pope] will look good in that little Popemobile."

It appears there is a little tension even in America over this issue of Pope selection. How do you feel about the Catholic Church in America, the recent 100 plus molestations charges and the bankruptcies of some of the largest Arch Diocese? How does your family feel about the choice?

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