Mexican Catholics Forgotten

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Many Mexican and Latin Catholics are dismayed that the Cardinals picked a German Pope, Benedict XVI, over a Latin Pope. Latin and Mexican Catholics are some of the biggest supporters of the Catholic Church. Some Mexican, Latino and Hispanic Catholics are saying; "This just proves white men still run the world." Many Mexicans who have proud Indian Aztec and Mayan Heritage whose civilization was destroyed by European Explorers and conquerors, which brought this religion with them are thinking twice about their loyalty to the Catholic Church.

One Mexican gentleman, 'Jesus Gonzales' we interviewed in Los Angeles came over the border recently looking for a job so he could send money back to his family in Mexico. He said he came with nothing and then joined the gang MS-13, because he can make more money to send home to his family. He sometimes worries about the risks of being in a gang, but his mom prays the Rosary for him to be safe. He says she is a strong Catholic, but he no longer wishes to go to church because the Catholic Church now has a German Pope and not a Latin Pope. He knows that when he sends money back to his mom that at least 10% goes to the church maybe more. He wishes she would not give the money to the church, but knows that his family has been strong Catholics for at least 100 years. "Besides, she does pray for me, so I do not get into any trouble with the law or hurt, I know she appreciates the money I send back to Mexico" he said.

Jesus also said; "The new Pope looks old, so maybe he will not live that long and then we can get a real Latino Pope." He also said he is happy to live in America and can earn two to three thousand dollars per week with the gang instead of working in the fields stating; "there is a lot of work in Los Angeles to do," but he is thinking on moving to another big city soon and moving up in the group, but first he must prove himself in the gang as well as his loyalty and toughness. He thinks eventually he may get back with the church when a new Latin Pope is appointed otherwise he and his friends are not going to go back.

Jesus said he likes the old Pope; "He seemed like a nice guy, but he was always slobbering and you could not tell what he was saying anyway." My mother cried when she found out he died, she said he was one of the best Popes to ever live. "I do not know why my mother still goes to church now, but I am glad she prays for me, I think it helps" he says.

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