The Need for Biblically Minded Engineers

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There is a great need in the world today for engineers who think and work from a Christian worldview. These engineers are needed to design, prototype, develop, and manufacture goods that support family economies, as opposed to city-corporate-paper economies, which strain the traditional family.

A Biblical engineering program must be more than the traditional hurdles of natural philosophy. It needs to include learning the history and philosophy of science, engineering, mathematics, and technology from a Christian perspective. This is necessary for engineering entrepreneurs to discern the signs of the times (1 Chronicles 12:32) and choose the better, narrow, and Biblically responsible paths.

Aiming engineering talent toward producing family-friendly products, services, and businesses based upon individual gifts and Biblical vision would be refreshing to many serious Christian families. Through the study of original writings and the replication of some great discoveries and experiments, students could think the great thoughts of world changing scientists and engineers. This fundamental and historic approach to engineering would provide foundational perspectives and entrepreneurial inspiration, while conveying a love for learning from the masters, as a pattern for deep learning.

During such a program, students could customize their learning based on the written body of knowledge needed to accomplish their learning goals and measurable objectives, which could be maintained using project management skills.

With the goal of understanding every subject from a Christian perspective, the students of a Biblical Engineering program would not only be interested in the technical training but the gaining and creating of Biblical perspectives on subjects. Local apprenticeships and entrepreneurships would appropriately complement the academic studies.

There is one such program which is designed to equip students to launch private technology based companies. General engineering and emphases in manufacturing, industrial, mechanical, and electrical engineering are the usual options chosen such that a student can accomplish the program as a replacement to a traditional engineering program or selectively accomplish portions of the program to complement a traditional engineering program.

There is no place like home, and that also applies to engineering education.

Dr. James Bartlett, PhD, PE ret., is President of Bartlett University which hosts the Family University Network with its Christian business incubator. Dr. Bartlett and his wife Lynn homeschool four boys in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota. Dr. Bartlett can be contacted by calling 701-263-4574 or visiting

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